Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cat photo

I got this in an e mail the other day and I thought if I was a real cat this would be my photo. The only improvement would to add a feather to the hat. LOL

Now I do not know about you but are you or are you not sick of SENSATIONAL JOURNALISM. 
I am speaking about the current dog with the bone attack on General Petraeus. What did he really do except get caught with his pants down. My word the man has served his country for YEARS. The ones on the hunt have never even been in the military much less served as many years has he. If they knew about this FIVE months ago, why was it not brought to light then? Could it be while the insatiable public for it's crude appetite, they saved this tidbit for when the Lame Duck Session began. I am not a suspicious person by nature but after the last four years, every bone in my body is suspicious of EVERYTHING ON THE NEWS AND WHY.

The Kitty Justice is you do not wish to get me started about government because they rank a thousand times lower than Journalist. 


Changes in the wind said...

It appears it was exposed when it would have the impact wanted...I think we have lots more to come.

Lady Di Tn said...

You bet your dollar we do. Peace

Lee said...

Love the cat in the hat!

You've read my thoughts, Lady Di...a storm in a very small teacup, I think.

Unless he did some unnecessary pillow talking or sleep talking divulging secrets he shouldn't have divulged...he was just being a naughty happens!

Some sour grapes somewhere along the line, I think. A woman scorned and all that jazz....

Lady Di Tn said...

I think whoever took that Cat photo had me in mind.
I think Big Ears is using the leaks and media to get rid of those who might hinder his next move.
I think it was a plot and that so call woman may have been in on the whole thing.
I feel so sorry for his family and our country that a man of his caliber has been profiled so callously.
Clinton is still enjoys the lime light and he did it in the Oval Office.
Like I said before Pride has taken a vacation in our land.
I wish you Peace as I step off my soapbox.

Betsy Adams said...

Ah---cute kitty photo.. I had a solid white cat when I was a teen. Her name was Snowball... She died when I was in college... I missed her everytime I would go home...

I'm skeptical of everything these days when it comes to Obama and his administration. I truly don't believe a word he says!!!!


DUTA said...

The cat is a beauty!
As for general Petraeus - nothing new under the sun.

Small City Scenes said...

The Kitty Justice perfect picture.

I agree with you on the political subject. And you can stay on your soap box as long as you like. There are too many people that agree. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

It is funny when an Animal is completely white how Snowball seems to come to mind and when they are black Midnight. Brown ones we call Coco or Chocolate. I agree with all you have said. Peace

I agree with you on both counts. Peace

I thought so too about the photo. Skeptical is the word for the next four years. I think of The Police song lyric "I'll be watching you, every step you take>" Too bad we cannot place a helmet cam with speakers on Big Ears. They want to invade our privacy so why not his. Peace