Sunday, November 18, 2012

Decorations at WCN

 This is the Christmas tree in the main parlor. 
 Pass the tree and a table of jewelry, check out the Santa's on the Mantel. 
 The formal dining room looked very festive. 
 Ready for food.
 This is the top of the sideboard in the dinning room. I love those knife boxes. 
 The mantle in the formal dining room. 
The flowers in front of the mirror in the foyer. OOPS that is my reflection. 
On the other side of the foyer, is a nice little nook with a clock and the staircase. 
 The simple use of pine cones is delightful. Yes, that is Kitty behind the flash. 
The doors out back which leads into Haley Hall where the exhibitors were located and where meetings are held. 
The Kitty Justice the house decorations put me in the Christmas spirit more than a store full of TOYS for any size girls or boys.


Jackie said...

Hello to Kitty Behind the Flash...and thank you for putting me in the Christmas spirit, too.

Lady Di Tn said...

Your welcome. Peace

Lee said...

I'm not in the Christmas Spirit yet...I might just have to open that bottle of Johnny Walker Black over there on the shelf! ;)

mississippi artist said...

I am pulling out decorations trying to decide-I just really don't have the spirit this year.

Lady Di Tn said...

JWB can put you in a festive mood. Peace.

I usually start pulling things out the day after Thanksgiving. I think we should do a Christmas decorations swap. Peace