Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Kitty Justice is to have a Happy Thanksgiving. 

Sorry, to say I have run out of photo space. See yawl after the holiday. 


Lee said...

Save a slice of pumpkin pie and a turkey leg for me, please Miss Kitty! ;)

Patty said...

I think we all ate more then we thought we would, but it saved having to fix a bite at supper time, we were all still full from dinner. I told them if anyone was hungry, go take something from the frig and either eat it cold or warm in the microwave. Eat it on a paper plate and rinse the silverware, don't just let it lay dirty in the sink. Have a great evening.

Lady Di Tn said...

Sorry Lee, I do not like pumpkin pie nor turkey leg, so you can have both. I cooked 2 turkey breast and a pound cake. Peace

LOL I had our meal at 1:30 and advised all the same as you did. Left overs and paper plates for dinner if you want any. Everyone in this house would not dare leave a dirty dish in my sink. I would ban them from the Kitchen for Life. Mean ole Kitty Justice. Hope your Thanksgiving was a great as ours. Peace

Lee said...

Well, I did all right out of that one! ;)

To be honest with you, Miss Kitty...I'm not partial to pumpkin pie, either. I've only ever made it once...and that was the first Thanksgiving, the year my soon-to-be-husband (now ex) returned to Aus after living in New York for nigh on nine years. And I didn't like it much...he did; but I doubt he's had one since...and that was 37 years ago!! ;)

Pumpkin pie isn't eaten here Down Under very often...very rarely. It's not high up on our menus.

I love pumpkin, roasted or mashed...roasted is my favourite. And we do use pumpkin when making pumpkin scones.

Turkey...I can take or leave. I like turkey, but never consider it for whatever reason.

I've given up cooking hot Christmas lunches nowadays (done enough of all that over the past years). These days I opt for a cold platters of fresh, succulent seafood. And come winter...I never think about having turkey.