Saturday, November 17, 2012

Woman's Club of Nashville's Bazzar

 The Club is decorated for Christmas. 
 This plaque is on the right side of the front door. 
 Does this not look like fun?
 This gets you in the spirit. 
 If I had not just gotten a new purse, well I would have had to have one of these.
Tiny boxes made by one of the members to put little treasures inside. And some water to quench your thirst. 
 Something for every neck. 
Yummy, different kinds of Olive Oil and you could taste each one. 
 The Women's Bake sale table and the photo below are of little turkeys. Chocolate the best kind. I think I gained twenty pounds just looking. LOL

 More decorations. See those little items on the right side of the table. Friendship balls already wrapped. The gentleman was surprised I knew what they were as most folks did not. He should have labeled them and given an explanation so folks who did not know would become wise to the fact. I must remember to get mine out and return them to my friends with little items inside. 
 Jewelry anyone. 
 More jewelry. 
 Now which apron did Kitty purchase?
 The Ladies Shop had this whole room but I did not photo all of the items. 
The lace scarf and some pottery. I liked the green bird bath.
The Kitty Justice is I went, I spent and I got some Christmas presents and I did not forget me. 


AngelMc said...

Oh that bling...did you hear music? There are stores that I go in here in town and I promise I hear choirs singing....

mississippi artist said...

It does look like fun-with lots of goodies to buy!I need to get busy on the Christmas shopping.

Lady Di Tn said...

No music but Christmas is alive and in the air. Girl I must be part robot because I cannot comment on your blog, that word verification gets me and after I try 5 times, I just give up. Peace

It was a blast and I love one stop shopping that way. I saw things that I knew folks would love so I had to purchase them. Peace

Betsy Adams said...

Wow---looks like a fabulous Bazaar... You could do ALL of your Christmas Shopping at a place like that.... Thanks for sharing.

Jackie said...

A place I would love to have been!

Lady Di Tn said...

How true, Peace.

Wish you could have been there with me. Peace