Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Christmas Red

What color do you associate with Christmas? Mine is RED.
I wonder when this seeder was made if they thought someday, a lady will use it for yard art and decorate it for Christmas. 
The Kitty Justice is everyone should have a festive color for Christmas. 


Lee said...

Red, green and and silver...that's Christmas to me.

Jackie said...

Love the seeder...and the way it is decorated for Christmas!!

Small City Scenes said...

Red and green---yep---those are truly Christmas colors. I love your front doors. Very nice. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Wow, a five color girl. Peace

Thanks and Peace

A 2 color girl but I noticed that both you and Lee started with RED. Thanks and Peace

Small City Scenes said...

I like your new Avatar.

Betsy Adams said...

I know that alot of people decorate these days with all kinds of colors at Christmas. Me???? I'm still a RED and GREEN Christmas lover ---so most of my decorations are those colors... Love your outside decorations.