Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Moe's tree

 I put Moe's tree on the old sewing machine to the right of the front door.
I added a close up of the front door which shows it's true green color. 

The Kitty Justice is the cat who adopted me should have a little tree. 


Betsy Adams said...

Cute little tree... I have 4 little trees around our home.. Love them... We even have one in our bedroom... SPECIAL!!!


Lee said...

As I'm not putting up any decorations this year...I can ride on your coat tails, Lady Di...and enjoy all of your beautiful decorations. :)

Lady Di Tn said...

You really do act like my Mother with the decorating for Christmas. Peace

I would not feel like me if I did not do a little decorating. As long as I am able the hill will be festive. Come on girl at least put out a candle or some ornaments. The cats will love loose ornaments. Peace

Jackie said...

I love the tree on the sewing machine table!
Clever and beautiful!!

Lee said...

I did bring out my golden, paper mache decorated reindeer and perched him on my coffee table, Lady Di. All other decorations I had I gave away a couple of years ago; and I don't intend buying any more. I know I sound like Scrooge or the Grinch, but I'm not really. We've just gone through a couple of days of record heat...and I'm sure there's more to come...so putting up decorations is hard, hot work here at present.

My little cabin is that...little; and I've got it filled with books, music...there's little room left! lol