Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Simple decorations

Puppy gave me the candle stand years ago and I have it in the living room all the time, SO
I decided to make a simple Christmas decoration using the candles. I draped some gold beads around the candles and placed the stand into the large glass plate and proceeded to put Christmas tree balls all around the candles' stands base. 
The Kitty Justice is that Less is More.


Lee said...

You must have a stack of decorations, Lady Di! And we still have 12 days to go! And that means 10 or 11 days left for more decorating!

I'm loving seeing all your wonderful pieces. :)

Jackie said...

My sentiments 'zackly: "less is more."
The candle stand is beautiful!

Changes in the wind said...

Simple is always the best.

Lady Di Tn said...

More than half are still in the boxes, all I lack is the tree and Puppy went and picked them out, one for him and one for us yesterday afternoon. It is in the living room awaiting my attention. Peace

I knew we were chipped from the same stone. Thanks and Peace

My sentiments especially since I will have to put all of them away. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Good thinking and it looks lovely. MB