Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stuff Animals

 Years ago Prince when he was on a work trip to Minnesota he found and  brought this black bear to Puppy . He sits in the living room year round but sports a bow at Christmas.  
 Our first Christmas together, Prince gave me this white Christmas bear . I found the beanie baby while looking for some Christmas items after Christmas one year and thought he would make a nice addition . 
Each year I put out the Christmas tree that Zera Cotton made me when I lived next door to them. I lived by myself with 2 Chow chows and she and her husband, George, adopted me and we had lots of fun times together. They both are no longer with us but wonderful thoughts are given to their kindness and love each year as I sit this tree out near the fireplace. When Puppy was a mere toddler, Mother gave him the reindeer and it walked and the red nose would blink while it played "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer."It does not work anymore but just like the  tree it is placed near the fireplace so loving memories can be had when I glimpse  in that direction. Aunt Jean gave Puppy the Christmas Scooby and that darn Sam Cat stole it last night. He usually takes the doll box or bunny but Scooby must have been too tempting this year. 
The game has begun. Sam steals an animal and I take it back the next morning. 
The Kitty Justice is "Do you have a game you play with your animal? Notice I did not say pet because he will never be my pet as I am the one who takes him to the vet. 


Small City Scenes said...

Isn't it fun to keep some memorable items and then have such loving memories when we spot them. I think your animal loves the game of 'Hide and Seek' or is it 'I spy'. If my dog Bingo did that he would just chew it up and say 'Yummy'. MB

Lee said...

Christmas memories are so many ways that's what's special about Christmas...our memories of Christmases past; and of our loved ones no longer with us.

Oh! I'm only a mere play thing for my two furry, four-legged rascally mates! I'm also their slave! I have lost all rights and control in this household! In this household my two cats rule!! Hark! I must is calling to me now! ;)

Jackie said...

Each ornament or decoration or stuffed animal, etc. that I put out that has a specific memory means more than words can ever say. I understand completely about the stuffed tree that Zera Cotton made for you. Even though Ms. Zera and her husband have passed on, the memories of them will not. You have those right there with you in your heart, and your heart is tugged each time you see the Christmas tree. Your Mother's gift to your son has the same heart-tug for you, I'm sure. These are the gifts of the heart that warm mine. Thank you for sharing them.
I don't have a pet any longer. We had a cat (Sammy) but he has gone on to wherever good cats go when they die. I loved him, and his memory is still with me (cat scratches on my window sills. I wouldn't cover them up for anything.)

Betsy Adams said...

My Duchess used to hate going to the Vet also... She would just shake all over.. SO--I was the 'meanie'....

Cute little game--and cute little 'babies'.....


Changes in the wind said...

No stuffed animal games here but reminded me of a time when daughter's boyfriend would steal Jesus out of the manger and hide him many years ago:)

Lady Di Tn said...

I believe it is Hide and Seek. Only Sam Cat takes the animals, Maggie never bothers any toys that she knows are not hers. Peace

Absolutely and the older I get the more wonderful memories are to be had. Ah, the house of the furry monsters rule. Peace

Yes every one of those have special meanings and as long as I am around Zera, George and Mother will live on. Not being able to cover the scratches show your loving heart for our 4 legged friends. Peace

I guess someone has to be the meanie of the family and looks as if we both are it. Thanks and Peace

I rather like my animals' game best. Peace