Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Pope is coming to town.

This photo was taken last year during The Pope's visit. Every Christmas we spend a day together and Puppy thought for a long time that Santa was really a 4'10" lady from Georgia. She is my best and oldest friend and I look forward all year to this visit. It seems Christmas just really does not begin until she arrives. 
Yesterday I went to an EDA to help with the thing I rather not talk about (Diabetes) He gave me a thumbs up as I am doing really good. But I am sure the test will show I have been really bad as I have fallen off the wagon several times during the start of the Holidays. Starting with Thanksgiving, I have not been followed all the guidelines. After my Burpday, I will become stricter with my diet and exercise. But darn I must have my Coconut Cake for my Burpday. Mother always made me a fresh coconut cake and she would grate the coconut by hand. So that cake brings back fond memories. 
Yesterday was a gorgeous day with spring like temperature, so I spent the afternoon doing something for me. I went to see the Trees at Cheekwood. Yes, I will post some photo later but today, I must begin to get ready for my favorite visit of the season. 
The Kitty Justice is The Pope's visit ranks higher than Santa Claus. 


Small City Scenes said...

Glad the results were looking good. Cake with memories is always important!!!

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Maybe it is you that is 'the greatest'. MB

Lee said...

Sometimes, Lady Di, we must lash out...stuff the consequences! As Scarlett O'Hara most famously and memorably said one day - "I'll worry about that tomorrow; tomorrow is another day!" Or words to that effect.

I responded to your comment in my blog, Miss Kitty. I hope you're feeling a bit better now. I do empathise with you over what happened. :)

Nicholas Temple said...

Happy "End of the World" day tomorrow!

Jackie said...

Enjoy the coconut cake; it sounds scrumptious to me. People don't make it the old-fashioned way very much any more.
Thank you for your kind visits to my blog. You are a sweet blogging friend.

Changes in the wind said...

Friends and family are the best part of Chrismas and maybe coconut cake:)

Lady Di Tn said...

You are more than welcome my dear friend. I like looking through the world through your camera's lens. My Mother would take the coconut milk and pour it over the cake and the cake was made from scratch no cake mix for her. Peace

Thanks for your kind words and I am a true fan of Scarlett's reasoning. Peace

You are so funny. I think folks just like a reason to talk about the world ending. Peace

I know very few folks who can even make a cake without a box from the store. Thanks for your kind words. Peace

I agree with you whole heartily. Peace

Suldog said...

Not to put you on a path you shouldn't be on, but sometimes a great memory recalled is worth it. Enjoy the coconut cake!

(Then be a good girl.)

Lee said...

You can come out now, Lady Di...the Mayans got it all wrong!! ;)

Lady Di Tn said...

Any time I see a coconut cake, my mind travels down a wonderful path and I can see my Mother busy making my burpday cake. I think I will be taking your advise. Peace

LOL you do have a grand sense of humor. Peace