Monday, December 17, 2012

Three Trees

 The first tree as you enter our home is the little glass one that sits on the left side of the table in the hallway. The other side holds the Nativity which I displayed in a previous post. The beautiful bell music box was given to me this year by my dear friend, Peaches. Yep, the same one who painted the Angels. 
 The second tree can be seen as you enter the living room. It is a Rosemary tree that Prince was told by the tree to take it home to me. It was a wonderful surprise and I dearly love it's aroma. I have a tendency to run my hands over it each time I get near. 
This is our Christmas tree this year. If you enlarge it you will see the bow carries the ornament theme just like the skirt. I came home last week from a luncheon to find that Puppy had gone an picked out the tree and put it in it's stand all by himself. Saturday,I decorated the tree and will turn  on the lights every day until the Holidays are over. 
The Kitty Justice is a question "Will Santa leave me a present under each tree?"


AngelMc said...

Very pretty. I've got to get one of those Rosemary trees.

Jackie said...

I love the smell of rosemary, too.
And, I bet that Santa will leave a present under each tree.
Kudos to puppy for getting the tree and putting it up. Suhweeeet!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and Peace

Thanks Jackie and maybe Santa will do just that. Puppy is a considered young man and he looks out for his old Mom. Peace

Lee said...

I think Santa will leave you a present under each tree, Miss surely deserve it after all the work you're doing! :)

Small City Scenes said...

Three trees like the three wisemen---well that's a stretch I reckon. MB