Monday, December 24, 2012

Trees at Cheekwood

 Each tree was decorated using a Christmas Book theme. I thought this one was in the prefect place outside in the cold. 
When I came back inside, I saw I could capture the whole area except the grand piano which sit in the corner opposite the tree. Below is a photo of the tree as I looked up at it's shining decorations. 
The whole Mansion was very festive and I wonder if yawl can guess the Book titles or you could enlarge the photos to try and find the book. 
The Kitty Justice is I will not be back until next year. Therefore,
I wish you a Merry Christmas without cat hairs And
A Happy New Year without "Cat Fuzzies"


Jackie said...

First of all, it is hard for me to scroll beyond your header. It's so beautiful, and its majesty speaks to me each time I visit here.
The trees at the mansion are beyond gorgeous. I know that you enjoyed being there and seeing them in person. Thank you for sharing your photos of them with me.
I do hope that you and your dear family have a blessed Christmas.
I will miss you until you blog again; you are a sweet blogging friend.
Merry Christmas, my friend.

Small City Scenes said...

Gorgeous trees and what a place.

Merry Christmas to you all. MB

Lee said...

Lovely trees..I think the Christmas spirit has snuck up on me! ;)

Merry Christmas everyone.

See you next year, Miss Kitty...have a joyous Christmas and a wonderfully Happy New Year. Hugs. :)

Betsy Adams said...

Beautiful.... Thanks for sharing.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Anne said...

So beautiful! This is my first time here ~ so nice to meet you!