Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Turkeys tilting at Windmill

Actually the turkeys are eating the corn provided by Prince with his corn feeder. They will come running when the allotted time comes for it to spin out a new batch of corn. 
However, the last month we have had unwanted flocks of Black birds. You can clap your hands and they will just fly around and land in another tree. I prefer Vultures to Black birds and if I may say without offending anyone, I HATE BLACK BIRDS! The real name is Starling but we just call them Black Birds. 
These Alien birds were introduced into the United States in the year 1890. The first shipment of sixty birds was released in Central Park, New York, and since that time they have MULTIPLIED GREATLY. They are resourceful and aggressive and can drive out some of our best-loved Native birds, for instance the Bluebird. If it is not a Native species be it four legged, two legged or no legs it should not ever be introduced this also includes plants. 
The Kitty Justice is I hope there is a special place in Hell for those who have upset natures balance. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Moe is loving his cube

For about a month Moe kitty would not enter his cat cube. But now he is loving it again after all the rain we have had lately. I wonder if it did not smell very clean until the rain washed it or had some other varmint crawled inside. Cat's do not like to share so if something had been inside the cube, Moe would have not liked that in the least. 
Now he is a rather large Cat and when Puppy when outside Wednesday night, Moe was sitting there hissing away at a HUGE possum. The nasty large Rat was eating Moe's food. Ugh. I have put on gloves and cleaned and cleaned his dishes. 
The Kitty Justice is Puppy made sure it was the ugly rats last meal. Thank you Puppy. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Guardian Angel

Prince was given this pen and award notification as he was nominated as a Guardian Angel by a lady he had helped recently. 
It did not surprise me or any one else who knows him. He is one of the most caring and helpful person who walks around this planet. 
The Kitty Justice is it makes Purrfect sense to me why he would would receive such an award. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

The chair in the hall

When Mz Maggie was sick, Puppy sat this lounge chair up by her bed so I could sit up with her all night. I have left it there because, it is a great place to catch the warmth of the afternoon sun or sit and play with my new toy. 
Have you ever wondered how you have survived without a stylus? Mz. Bubbles gave me this as a present and it is the most useful and wonderful little tool. I never hit the wrong command or key now that I have this nice little tool. 
The Kitty Justice is it is more useful than lip stick so if you are gonna forget something when you leave the house make sure it is not this little toy. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Already

When I got rolling this morning, Prince said come look at the sky.  The most colorful it has been all month. Can you say "WOW"?
The last couple of days, Grandma's OCD kicked in and I have been fighting boy's clutter and giant dust bunnies and then I sneeze, sneeze, sneeze. I put the OCD back in the drawer  I found it and did something for me today. 
I went to our Church's Prime Time lunch and to hear  a speaker, Jon Meacham. He had written a book on Thomas Jefferson and since I find myself fascinated by history, I just had to go. The title of the book was "Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power". 
At the luncheon, since I was running late, I sat at the end of a very long table mainly consisting of testosterone. The gentleman I sat beside name was Kelsey and was a most delightful chap. Of course the older gentleman beside him, said he liked my hat. He thought the Queen of England might be interested in the hat. I teased back and said  "I would love to have access to her majesty hat room." I was save from total male domain  by one of Nashville's famous writer, Mary Hance, who does the Ms. Cheap articles in our local paper.  She said her husband had retired and it was wonderful because he cooked dinner for her. Ah, a man who can cook is always a prize in my mind and that is why Puppy has been taught to be such a good cook. I truly think that men are not confined by cooking techniques that so often hover around in most women's mind. 
Sorry, my mind wondered away from the story at hand. I do wish to say that Kelsey told Mary when she asked about his occupation, he proudly stated  he was a Bureaucrat. When he said it I wanted to run forth and get a dictionary and look up what the exact definition was for a bureaucrat.  Okay, do not say you had not thought of that. 
Anyway as we left the dining area, I got behind this large mountain of a man and I told him I was gonna follow him and that is exactly what I did. When we sat down beside one another and made our introductions, I took out my cell phone to turn it off as I did not wish to be the rude person whose phone goes off. He told me the story about how he had given up his phone, after he went to a funeral and forgot to turn it off. He said he would usually leave it in his car but for some reason well he had forgotten and he worried all during the service that it would go off but was saved from the embarrassing ordeal. Of course, I wanted to ask why he did not just turn it off when he remember it rather than go through the torture of the fear of a ringing phone. 
Father Leigh introduced our speaker and he went on and on and on and my mind begin to drift off in to the land of please do not bore me to death. I really prefer short introductions and not one with all your credits. I was there to hear about TJ. 
Finally, the speaker was on deck and he had a glorious speaking voice and could probably have read the telephone book to us and we would have enjoyed his melodious echos  without ever wondering if we were being read  a phone  book. He was so intelligent that I began to question my own sense of love of history. As I dissected his statements and chewed on the meaning like you would a Carmel nugget, he would let loose a humorous zinger and folks would laugh while I was still chewing the Carmel of the previous sentence. He did say his flaw was he liked politicians. Oh me, oh my, I should have had pie. That should have been the clue but I did not realize it until I asked him a question afterwards "How many books have been written on Thomas Jefferson and how is yours different?" His response was "Many but I wanted to show the politician side of him rather than the slave owner and (here I must paraphrase as I do not recall his exact words-could it be a senior moment) philosophy.
The Kitty Justice is if you get a chance go just to hear him speak even if the content is not what you wish to hear go and enjoy. 
BTW One lady said the book was bound to be good since he had such a great sense of humor, but he could have checked his humor at the books cover. 

Monday, February 18, 2013


 It is a wonderful day when you get to see the Moon in the morning as you walk the dog.
 Then you go to the kitchen to start the day and see a lovely Sunrise. 
Also added to the joy is a healthy Maggie. The first two days she was ill, I was in a dither  as I really did not know if she was gonna make it. I have finally started this last weekend adding her regular food (Blue Buffalo-lamb and peas) to her prescription dog food that the vet put her on. She had a half and half meal this morning. I hope to slowly get her off the prescription food but she has gotten use to having 2 tablespoons of the canned (I am feeding her the dry and can) mixed in the dry food with warm water to cover the food. She had never had canned food before she got ill as I just fed dry food. 
The Kitty Justice is to wean her off the presrciption food especially the canned.  

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Day 2013

 Prince brought me the little roses below about a week ago and I was sure that was all I would get for Valentines. However, Prince is a wonderful romantic and I got a card and a box of chocolates plus a weenie dog salt and pepper shaker. There is a magnet in the middle holding him together. The teapot that graces my table decor was giving as a birthday presents to me a few years back by my little brother. 
I had a most wonderful day and to top it off, Prince brought dinner in and as usual we had our meal by candle light. 
The Kitty Justice is that Prince puts candles on the table not just on Valentine but Every Night. How is that for romantic. BTW-I told Puppy to watch and learn. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Steamer I. T. Rhea Sunk

She Carried an Excursion Party From This City. 
All Passengers Saved, But the Freight was Lost.
The Steamer Caught in a Cyclone and Driven Against A Bluff. 
The I. T. Rhea, one of handsomest steamers in the upper Cumberland River trade, sunk in thirty feet of water Saturday near Brooks Landing, one and one half miles from Gainesboro. The steamer left here for her regular weekly trip to the head of the river Tuesday. There was on board on excursion party composed of Mrs. Dr. Richard Douglas, Dr. and Mrs. O. H. Wilson, Mrs. Thos. Wilson, Miss Mary Lou Harris, Miss Cornelia Marr, Miss Aphra Eve and Mr. Woodward, all of this city. The steamer reached the head of the river without incident, and had started back, when at 11 o'clock Saturday she was caught in a cyclone or more than ordinary force, just as she was rounding the bend at the head of Brooks's Island. The cyclone came with such force as to render the boat unmanageable and notwithstanding the efforts of the officers and crew she was driven with terrific force against a bluff on the north side of the river. One side of the hull was driven in and broken in two places. The danger of the situation was realized at once, and Capt. E. C. Reed, who was in charge, gave orders to throw a line ashore. This was done and members of the crew jumped into the water clambered up the bluff and made the line fast to a tree.
The Captain then ordered his men to form a line from the boat to the shore, and taking his stand on the bulk head he rushed the passengers to that point and made them jump into the water, and the officers and crew in the line passed them along safely to the shore. They were all saved. Several very narrow escapes were made but the details of these were not obtainable today because of the lack of telegraphic or telephone communication with the section where the accident occurred. 
The officers and crew work heroically in saving the passengers. The boat, after striking the bluff, began to sink at once, and soon settled in thirty feet of water, leaving only the pilot-house and smokestacks above water. 
After the passengers were taken ashore they were cared for by the people living in the vicinity of Brooks Landing, and yesterday they went to Double Springs, where they will take a train and come to Nashville, over the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway, at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon.
The report of the accident, which reached here last night, created considerable excitement as it was impossible to get any definite news, and in fact no personal news has yet been received from any member of the excursion party. The news so far received comes from Carthage.
The steamer was in charge of Capt. Reed, and at the time of the accident Capt. Grubbs was in charge of the pilot-wheel, and John Stacker, first engineer, was on duty in the engine room. The officers stood at their post of duty, and did all in their power to avert the accident, but after it occurred they worked heroically in saving the lives of the passengers. 
All the freight, except two hogs and two hogsheads of tobacco, was lost. There was on board, 700 bags of corn, consigned to B. S. Rhea & Sons: a carload of axe handles, four mules and two horses, owed by Dr. Fowler, who was also a passenger; thirty- five head of hogs; forty or fifty sheep and lambs; thirty coops of chickens, turkeys and ducks, and a lot of miscellaneous freight.
The crew and officers, except the Captain, Clerk and Mate, spent last night in Carthage, and left there this morning for Nashville. The Captain, mate and clerk are still at the scene of the accident, engaged  in trying to save some of the freight on the sunken vessel.
Capt. T. G. Ryman, owner of the steamer, left here this morning to go to the scene of the accident and arrange to have the steamer raised if possible.
The Rhea was valued at $6,000. Capt. Ryman only a few days ago paid Capt. W. S. Bowman $3,000 for one-half interest in her, and thereby became sole owner. She was 149 feet in length, with thirty feet beam. She was of 300 tons capacity. The Rhea was about five years old. Her Machinery was formerly on the old steamer Sam Jones. There was not a dollar of insurance on the boat. 
The Kitty Justice is the reporting of a sinking vessel was told with more detail than now. 
BTW,  I found this newspaper article in Uncle Albert's boxes and his brother Dr. O. H. Wilson or as we like to refer to him Uncle Owen must have sent it to him as he was living out of state at the time. Cuden Lou of Waveland was on board along with Mimi's Grand mother. Photo was taken from TN State Library and Archives with a notation the the boat sank in 1895. 
Now this is what I call a news story. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Me and Space Aliens

 I am standing in Puppy's bathroom (still called that even though he lives in log cabin) taking a photo with my mini so yawl can see my new hair color. 
The space aliens in the snow. 
The kitty justice is you never know where Aliens will appear. 

Friday, February 08, 2013

More Birds in the Snow

 Female Cardinal on the rail. Hey lady, you need to comb your hair. lol
 A Tufted Titmouse on the bench. Prince puts seed on the bench during a snow so more birds can dine at our table.
 I forget her name but I normally call her the Michigan bird as she appears to have on a Big
Blue Helmet. 

The Purple Finch is not purple but red. Whoever named this bird must not have known their colors. 
 Prince had to go outside an refill the bird feeder due to the amount of feathered friends dining on the Hill. 
 The little Gold Finch are beginning to turn yellow. 
 I always have to take photos of the male Cardinals in the Holly Tree. 
The Kitty Justice is the Crane out front was the only one not eating. 

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Birds in the Snow

Here are a few of the birds I captured last weekend. I have been watching not only the birds but Downton Abbey (all 3 seasons) I got to watch the last episode of the current season late yesterday afternoon. But first I had to join in bumper carts at Kroger for our Senior Day. Needless to say, I drove the Silver Bullet and parked in no man's land. Do not need another 925.00 car repair. 
Anyway, if you have not begun the series, I think you would enjoy it but please begin at the first season to get the full jest of the series. 
I have also been watching and taking care of a very sick Maggie dog. The first night she was so sick, I slept in a lounge chair by her bed next to the front door. She had to go out several times. The next morning before coffee, Puppy and I took her to the vet. She had a temperature and after checking her tummy, his educated guess was she had eaten something bad when she slipped away. She will watch to see if you get busy and she books to discover things she should be wise to leave be, however, she is just being a dog.  The only thing she will eat the last 2 days, is sliced turkey and only a couple of slices each time.  She barked yesterday at the telephone man ( our phone has had major static to the point you cannot hear anyone for at least 5 or more days) and Cousin Bill when he came over. 
The Kitty Justice is a my dog's bark was music to my ears. 

Monday, February 04, 2013

February 2013

 Saturday we awoke to snow, therefore, the Ground Hog did not see his shadow. I took this photo looking out the front hall windows. 
Sunday we had a few spots of sunshine with fluffy clouds in the sky. Both days were not warm and I was happy to be an inside Kat. 
The Kitty Justice is that we should have an early Spring.