Sunday, February 24, 2013

Moe is loving his cube

For about a month Moe kitty would not enter his cat cube. But now he is loving it again after all the rain we have had lately. I wonder if it did not smell very clean until the rain washed it or had some other varmint crawled inside. Cat's do not like to share so if something had been inside the cube, Moe would have not liked that in the least. 
Now he is a rather large Cat and when Puppy when outside Wednesday night, Moe was sitting there hissing away at a HUGE possum. The nasty large Rat was eating Moe's food. Ugh. I have put on gloves and cleaned and cleaned his dishes. 
The Kitty Justice is Puppy made sure it was the ugly rats last meal. Thank you Puppy. 


Lee said...

Moe has a good advantage spot there to keep his eye on any intrusive possums!

Perhaps the possum had snuck into his cat cube when he wasn't looking and that's why Moe went off it for a while.

Jackie said...

Go Moe!!
Beautiful cat...

Betsy Adams said...

Love Moe's 'cube'... CUTE!!!!! Looks comfy!!!!

We have possums around here. They really are UGLY... Glad your hubby took care of that one.

We have to put all bird food up at nights due to raccoos, skunks, and possums....


Small City Scenes said...

Poor Moe! I wouldn't like to have a possum eating my fod or even looking at me. Thank you Puppy for making positively sure he won't come around again. MB

Changes in the wind said...

Nobody is fond of sharing and especially with a possum!

Lady Di Tn said...

It is part of the outside that is protected from the wind so it is nice an warm in the winter. I think you might be right about something getting in the cube and he had to let the scent wear off before he wanted to get in it again. Peace

Thank you and Peace

I agree he is a cute cat. Possums are nasty and Puppy got rid of it not Prince. For awhile we had to do the same with the food but it seems the critters are eating somewhere else for a change. Peace

Yes Puppy saved Moe's future dinners from the nasty old Possum. Peace

You hit it on the head. Peace