Friday, February 08, 2013

More Birds in the Snow

 Female Cardinal on the rail. Hey lady, you need to comb your hair. lol
 A Tufted Titmouse on the bench. Prince puts seed on the bench during a snow so more birds can dine at our table.
 I forget her name but I normally call her the Michigan bird as she appears to have on a Big
Blue Helmet. 

The Purple Finch is not purple but red. Whoever named this bird must not have known their colors. 
 Prince had to go outside an refill the bird feeder due to the amount of feathered friends dining on the Hill. 
 The little Gold Finch are beginning to turn yellow. 
 I always have to take photos of the male Cardinals in the Holly Tree. 
The Kitty Justice is the Crane out front was the only one not eating. 


Patty said...

Quite a collection of birds, we have them all except the no eating Crane. LOL Hope that snow they are expecting along the NY/Boston area does not come in this far. Have a great week-end.

Jackie said...

What beautiful winged friends you have in your yard!
Aren't you blessed!!!
Thank YOU for sharing more photos of these lovely birds; I love it that you are feeding them through the winter. I know they love you, too!!

Small City Scenes said...

Love the birds and what a sweet picture of the Goldfinch.

The post in the blueberries are about 10-12 feet apart with wire strung between. I imagine the way the picture was taken causes the difference in perception. MB

Betsy Adams said...

We don't have Purple Finches here ---just the House Finches (which are RED)... I've seen a Purple Finch before in Arkansas --and it isn't RED--but more like a magenta or a 'purple-ish' rose color...????

Your little unknown bird may be a Chipping Sparrow... Not sure though if you are sure he has BLUE on his head.


Changes in the wind said...

So glad you feed the birds in the winter time and aren't they pretty against that white backdrop.

Lady Di Tn said...

My sense. Of humor was coming through with the last photo. Maybe it will stay in the eastern part of the land. Peace

Thanks for clearing up the mystery of the photo. Glad you enjoyed my little birds. My SIL swears there is an eagle near by but I have yet to see one. Peace

Glad you enjoy my winter flock. If we keep having such cold weather I might have to invest in a heated bird bath. Peace

I have looked up that bird several times thn I forget the name an continue to call her Michigan bird. Peace

Thanks and Peace