Monday, February 18, 2013


 It is a wonderful day when you get to see the Moon in the morning as you walk the dog.
 Then you go to the kitchen to start the day and see a lovely Sunrise. 
Also added to the joy is a healthy Maggie. The first two days she was ill, I was in a dither  as I really did not know if she was gonna make it. I have finally started this last weekend adding her regular food (Blue Buffalo-lamb and peas) to her prescription dog food that the vet put her on. She had a half and half meal this morning. I hope to slowly get her off the prescription food but she has gotten use to having 2 tablespoons of the canned (I am feeding her the dry and can) mixed in the dry food with warm water to cover the food. She had never had canned food before she got ill as I just fed dry food. 
The Kitty Justice is to wean her off the presrciption food especially the canned.  


Small City Scenes said...

So glad Maggie is feeling better. I worried about her along with you. I like it when one can see the moon during the day. Not all the time though. Lovely sunset. MB

Jackie said...

Isn't it wonderful to breathe a sigh of "thank you" regarding your sweet Maggie. I'm so glad that she is better!

Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, We are back from a week in beautiful Arkansas. Hope you had a great week.

Sounds like life is good for you... There's nothing better than a healthy doggie.. AND--seeing the moon and the sun is also fabulous.


Changes in the wind said...

Love that look she is giving you...

Lee said...

I'm pleased Maggie is on the mend and almost back to her wonderful self. It's worrying when our beloved pets fall ill. I know what I'm like with my pets.

Take good cae.

Lee said...

Take good "care", even! :)

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for helping me worry about my girl. It is fun to see both early in the morning. Peace

Yes it is very much a sigh of RELIEF. peace

Glad to hear you had a marvelous time in R Kanasa. Yes life is happier when the dog is healthy and barking at strange happen Peace

Whenever I converse with her that is how she holds her head. Peace

Yes it is so nice to have our furry friends healthy and happy. Peace