Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Already

When I got rolling this morning, Prince said come look at the sky.  The most colorful it has been all month. Can you say "WOW"?
The last couple of days, Grandma's OCD kicked in and I have been fighting boy's clutter and giant dust bunnies and then I sneeze, sneeze, sneeze. I put the OCD back in the drawer  I found it and did something for me today. 
I went to our Church's Prime Time lunch and to hear  a speaker, Jon Meacham. He had written a book on Thomas Jefferson and since I find myself fascinated by history, I just had to go. The title of the book was "Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power". 
At the luncheon, since I was running late, I sat at the end of a very long table mainly consisting of testosterone. The gentleman I sat beside name was Kelsey and was a most delightful chap. Of course the older gentleman beside him, said he liked my hat. He thought the Queen of England might be interested in the hat. I teased back and said  "I would love to have access to her majesty hat room." I was save from total male domain  by one of Nashville's famous writer, Mary Hance, who does the Ms. Cheap articles in our local paper.  She said her husband had retired and it was wonderful because he cooked dinner for her. Ah, a man who can cook is always a prize in my mind and that is why Puppy has been taught to be such a good cook. I truly think that men are not confined by cooking techniques that so often hover around in most women's mind. 
Sorry, my mind wondered away from the story at hand. I do wish to say that Kelsey told Mary when she asked about his occupation, he proudly stated  he was a Bureaucrat. When he said it I wanted to run forth and get a dictionary and look up what the exact definition was for a bureaucrat.  Okay, do not say you had not thought of that. 
Anyway as we left the dining area, I got behind this large mountain of a man and I told him I was gonna follow him and that is exactly what I did. When we sat down beside one another and made our introductions, I took out my cell phone to turn it off as I did not wish to be the rude person whose phone goes off. He told me the story about how he had given up his phone, after he went to a funeral and forgot to turn it off. He said he would usually leave it in his car but for some reason well he had forgotten and he worried all during the service that it would go off but was saved from the embarrassing ordeal. Of course, I wanted to ask why he did not just turn it off when he remember it rather than go through the torture of the fear of a ringing phone. 
Father Leigh introduced our speaker and he went on and on and on and my mind begin to drift off in to the land of please do not bore me to death. I really prefer short introductions and not one with all your credits. I was there to hear about TJ. 
Finally, the speaker was on deck and he had a glorious speaking voice and could probably have read the telephone book to us and we would have enjoyed his melodious echos  without ever wondering if we were being read  a phone  book. He was so intelligent that I began to question my own sense of love of history. As I dissected his statements and chewed on the meaning like you would a Carmel nugget, he would let loose a humorous zinger and folks would laugh while I was still chewing the Carmel of the previous sentence. He did say his flaw was he liked politicians. Oh me, oh my, I should have had pie. That should have been the clue but I did not realize it until I asked him a question afterwards "How many books have been written on Thomas Jefferson and how is yours different?" His response was "Many but I wanted to show the politician side of him rather than the slave owner and (here I must paraphrase as I do not recall his exact words-could it be a senior moment) philosophy.
The Kitty Justice is if you get a chance go just to hear him speak even if the content is not what you wish to hear go and enjoy. 
BTW One lady said the book was bound to be good since he had such a great sense of humor, but he could have checked his humor at the books cover. 


Jackie said...

Love the fact that you were surrounded by testosterone and not only survived, but held your own!
You go girl...
Love the photo...spectacular isn't even close to describing the beauty of that sky.

Betsy Adams said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Glad you could get out for lunch and that program. I love history also--but didn't when I was younger. Now--I love it....That speaker sounds marvelous...

Interesting lunch, huh????? ha

Gorgeous sky photo.

Lady Di Tn said...

Growing up as a tom boy, well I have had practice at holding my own. LOL
Thank you for your kind words. We are very fortunate that my FIL built on this hill. Peace

I had a grand day and a good lunch. I once heard a speaker say that most folks do not begin to enjoy history until they reach 40. You can google him and get all sorts of info plus he has a u tube video. All of this I did not know when I wrote my post. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

It sounds like you had a good time and still are wondering about some of the moments though. haha!!
I have always like history specially local stuff. I just read quite a story about TJ and did learn a lot I surely didn't know.

Bob loves to cook and can make the best meals. And he likes it when we cook together---ooo that sounds a little bawdy doesn't it. Well we do good in the kitchen together. LOL MB

Lady Di Tn said...

I did have a fun time and yes I am still pondering some of his statements. Oh what fun for you and Bob to bang pans and swap knives in the kitchen together. LOL Prince can do toaster waffles, toast and microwave bacon and that is the end of his talents in the kitchen. So to have someone to cook with, I had to teach Puppy. Peace