Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Turkeys tilting at Windmill

Actually the turkeys are eating the corn provided by Prince with his corn feeder. They will come running when the allotted time comes for it to spin out a new batch of corn. 
However, the last month we have had unwanted flocks of Black birds. You can clap your hands and they will just fly around and land in another tree. I prefer Vultures to Black birds and if I may say without offending anyone, I HATE BLACK BIRDS! The real name is Starling but we just call them Black Birds. 
These Alien birds were introduced into the United States in the year 1890. The first shipment of sixty birds was released in Central Park, New York, and since that time they have MULTIPLIED GREATLY. They are resourceful and aggressive and can drive out some of our best-loved Native birds, for instance the Bluebird. If it is not a Native species be it four legged, two legged or no legs it should not ever be introduced this also includes plants. 
The Kitty Justice is I hope there is a special place in Hell for those who have upset natures balance. 


Jackie said...

Love birds...and love the photo that you shared with us.
There is nothing more relaxing (and informative) than to sit and watch the birds. I did it all day today.
Hugs and love,

Changes in the wind said...

I don't like the black birds either and really don't know anyone that does.

Lady Di Tn said...

Birds are wonderful only if they are not Black Birds. Peace

I am glad to hear my echo in your response. Peace

Betsy Adams said...

We luckily don't have many Starlings here (although I've seen a few this winter). I hate them also...

We have wild turkeys --but never see them in the neighborhoods. They are back in the woods. Not sure about turkey vultures here. I've seen them in Arkansas but not here.


Small City Scenes said...

I agree with you. Starlings are such a pest out here too. MB

Lee said...

Starlings are found only in the northern parts of Australia, apparently. There none around here where I live. And I've never seen any sparrows here on the mountain, either, now that I think of it. Many variety, though...most of which spend their days spying on me and my movements! ;)