Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's Up

 A few paperback books were printed in 1939 by George H. Armistead, Jr. who is a distance cousin. The original manuscript is in the Confederate Library at the University of North Carolina. Mimi recalls a man came by the farm and he took several things and she feels the manuscript was one of them. The manuscript which has been printed in this book was written by Captain Thomas B. Wilson as a Christmas present in 1904 to Prince's name sake. I have been working on and have put some of the history provided in this book along with other stories and documents I have found. Unfortunately, when those stories etc are copied by others, on the hints it gives credit to the last person who has COPIED them and not to those who SUBMITTED them. I feel this program SUCKS to be very blunt because if you submitted the information, well you should be given credit. I do not care if you copy what I have provided but the Hints should always show who submitted. Upset with  Nuf said. 
 I have never given a program before but was game when my dear friend Beverly asked me to give one at The Woman's Club of Nashville. Needless to say that was one of the reason I took off from the blogging ream. Puppy who majored in IT gave me a personal expert help with my power point presentation. The name of my program was "Beauty from the Heart". I provided the members with a little insight to Lady Di and Kitty Justice. I had a showcase for my photos and I also incorporated my crafting and my artwork. 
 I read my poem which was published in the above book and with each line, I showed a different photo of the sun rise that I am very fortunate to see every morning. 
Now I will share the poem with you but only one photo. 
As  the clouds
          pass us by
And the birds whisper
         their morning songs
The wind chimes
         begin to tinkle along
We look skyward
         and start to pray
Thanks God
         for giving us this day. 

The Kitty Justice is now I have shared with you.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Easter

On March 19 Th we awoke to a very foggy morning. See how the fog is rising out of the valley and it looks like a blue foggy hill. The glory of nature prepared by God. 
The Kitty Justice is like the fog, Jesus has risen. Thanks be to God. 
Now go find those Easter memories. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturday 3-9

This was the sun going down yesterday. Still lots of clouds and I am really wishing the sun will come out but today it is cloudy again with a chance of rain. We all sprung forward one hour this weekend and it will be dark again when we have to get up and get ready for the work days ahead. 
Once again, I would loudly proclaim, leave the time alone. We did not have daylight savings time when I grew up and we made it just fine.  Last Friday on the Morning Show, a doctor came on and said "During the first 3 days of the new time, more people experience Heart Attacks." That in itself should make everyone ban together to stop the changing of the clocks every six months. Just another STUPID IDEA and you cannot fix stupid. Yes you can if everyone would yell ENOUGH!!!!  
 Now for the problems at hand. The log cabins chimney has been leaking whenever we have windy rains. I have had 2 different repairmen at 3 different times to try and fix the problem. It will go along okay for awhile then it starts again. I am trying someone different this time and he is someone I know who runs a tip top repair business. Maybe this time it will not leak again in my lifetime. 
Also, along each side of the chimney are air vents for the attic. These were covered with screen only therefore,  I had some metal cloth put over them. It stopped large animals but not bugs as the screens were not replaced. Then on the other end of the house is a louvre vent. Yes, you guessed it the screen is gone and who moved in but a family of flying squirrels. Therefore, Roy will also fix the vents so 4 legged animals can no longer make a home in the attic. With this being said and repairmen coming I plan to not be on the computer to post for the rest of the month. 
The Kitty Justice is I will be back on April 1st and that is NOT an April fools.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Snow is gone

The snow has gone but the cold weather is still with us. At the present time the sun has just come out to tease us but did not stay long. 
I have been playing in Historical bliss and going to a few luncheons because my dear SIL is here taking care of Mimi. 
Also, I have been having Grandma C's OCD visit and I have been fighting a lost battle of clutter. One bedroom looks as if a bomb has hit and the other just has begun the linen bomb. 
I took a trunk load of stuff to the This N That Thrift store to sell to support St. Lukes. That helped some but still I am fighting for places to put things. 
The Kitty Justice is to toss it, shred it, or pack it away. 
BTW the second photo is the scene of the previous canvas I painted. 

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Porch in the Snow

This morning the hill was shrouded in a curtain of white from the falling snow. We are not quite cold enough for it to stay long but if we were, well we would have several inches of snow. As it is, we only have a little over half and inch that is sticking.
I would have put some snow photos up on the blog but my battery died and I am having to recharge it at the moment. Therefore, I put a Photo of a  5 X 7 canvas that I painted of the back porch. I will post my photos later.
The Kitty Justice if you cannot post a photo, then post a painting.