Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Easter

On March 19 Th we awoke to a very foggy morning. See how the fog is rising out of the valley and it looks like a blue foggy hill. The glory of nature prepared by God. 
The Kitty Justice is like the fog, Jesus has risen. Thanks be to God. 
Now go find those Easter memories. 


Patty said...

In case I don't get back before Easter, hope you have a Happy one. Granddaughter will be home starting this Friday until April 8th. when she goes back to school.

Jackie said...

What a beautiful post...the photo and the sentiments that you posted with it.
Thank you so much for both.
The fog is captured in all its beauty!!
Happy and blessed Easter to you.

Betsy Adams said...

Gorgeous, Di... I love seeing fog below me --when I'm up on a mountain or hill. Beautiful!!!! Love your photos.

Happy Easter.

Lee said...

Hey! Lady Di! Great to have you back! You've been missed. :)

I wish you and the Prince a wonderful Easter and a safe one. :)

Anonymous said...

Yep. We will have a house full of fairies fixing things neither one of us needs. I love eggs pickled in beet juice.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and the same to you. It is strange how children now get so much time off from school. Us old folks, were lucky to get Christmas off and I never knew of a Spring break. Peace

Thanks for your kind words. I feel VERY blessed that my FIL built this house on the hill for us to enjoy. May you have a wonderful Easter. Peace

Thanks and my MIL loves the fog because it hides all the houses and she said it look like it did when they first moved out here. In other words, you cannot see all the houses. Peace and hope you have a warm EASTER.

Thank you. We will have a total of six for Easter lunch. Only pig not bunnies will be served. Have a Happy one over there. Peace

So happy to see yawl. I hope all your fairies come unarmed, no pixie dust, and I too will probably be snacking on items not good for me. Have a Ducky of a time. Peace