Saturday, March 02, 2013

Porch in the Snow

This morning the hill was shrouded in a curtain of white from the falling snow. We are not quite cold enough for it to stay long but if we were, well we would have several inches of snow. As it is, we only have a little over half and inch that is sticking.
I would have put some snow photos up on the blog but my battery died and I am having to recharge it at the moment. Therefore, I put a Photo of a  5 X 7 canvas that I painted of the back porch. I will post my photos later.
The Kitty Justice if you cannot post a photo, then post a painting.


Jackie said...

And...painting is a lot of fun!
I'm so glad that you enjoy the art; thank you for sharing this lovely canvas of your work. Beautiful!!

Small City Scenes said...

You got it!! Lovely painting. I see a birdie in the bath. Nice work--Please show us more. MB

Lee said...

I'm glad your batteries died on you, Lady gave us a chance to appreciate your wonderful painting.

You've got snow...and we've got rain down this...and loads of it!

Changes in the wind said...

Not all of us have your talent:) I am afraid I would be sunk...

DUTA said...

I like it, the painting I mean.
You're quite a talented , versatile lady!

Betsy Adams said...

We had snow up here this weekend also--not much accumulation (maybe an inch), but it lasted all weekend with more flurries. The temp never did get out of the 20's ALL weekend long. I am ready for some sunshine and SPRING...


Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and Peace

Thanks I will try to show more in the future. Peace

You are very kind. Thank you. Loads of rain just run off at least our snow will soak into the ground and help with the water table. Peace

You jest. You may not paint but you have wonderful talents that you share with us. Peace

I am so happy to see yawl. Thank you and Peace

I agree with you that it is March and time for Spring not snow. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

I am glad you liked Lind, Wa. I think it is a sweet little town.

mississippi artist said...

Love this painting. I have been working on a commision. I may have to give up oil painting-the fumes are really bothering me.