Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturday 3-9

This was the sun going down yesterday. Still lots of clouds and I am really wishing the sun will come out but today it is cloudy again with a chance of rain. We all sprung forward one hour this weekend and it will be dark again when we have to get up and get ready for the work days ahead. 
Once again, I would loudly proclaim, leave the time alone. We did not have daylight savings time when I grew up and we made it just fine.  Last Friday on the Morning Show, a doctor came on and said "During the first 3 days of the new time, more people experience Heart Attacks." That in itself should make everyone ban together to stop the changing of the clocks every six months. Just another STUPID IDEA and you cannot fix stupid. Yes you can if everyone would yell ENOUGH!!!!  
 Now for the problems at hand. The log cabins chimney has been leaking whenever we have windy rains. I have had 2 different repairmen at 3 different times to try and fix the problem. It will go along okay for awhile then it starts again. I am trying someone different this time and he is someone I know who runs a tip top repair business. Maybe this time it will not leak again in my lifetime. 
Also, along each side of the chimney are air vents for the attic. These were covered with screen only therefore,  I had some metal cloth put over them. It stopped large animals but not bugs as the screens were not replaced. Then on the other end of the house is a louvre vent. Yes, you guessed it the screen is gone and who moved in but a family of flying squirrels. Therefore, Roy will also fix the vents so 4 legged animals can no longer make a home in the attic. With this being said and repairmen coming I plan to not be on the computer to post for the rest of the month. 
The Kitty Justice is I will be back on April 1st and that is NOT an April fools.


Lee said...

Firstly...your absence will be felt, Miss Kitty!!! (Are you planning to run away with the repairman?)

I, too, am not a fan of daylight saving. Fortunately, we, here in Queensland haven't succumbed to the foolhardy practice, but all other states have. It just proves we are the smartest state! :)

Touch wood the sun is out here this morning...but,no doubt, we will get a few showers off and on throughout the day.

I look forward to your return....take good care. :)

Jackie said...

I will miss you while you are away, but I know that things have to get done, and it's beginning to be the beautiful time of the year to do them. Best wishes in all your projects.
I will be awaiting your return, and until then, know that I'm thinking of you.
Hugs and love,

Patty said...

Hope you are enjoying a nice break. Our fireplace chimney leaked, so twice a year Abe would get on the roof and spay with some sort of water repellant spray and that seemed to help. Since we didn't use the chimney any longer, we had set a big plastic tote lid on top and a cement block on top of that, but after they installed our new roof, we noticed it was leaking agin. We assumed it was due to Abe not being able to get up there and spray. But the men found out, the plastic lid was cracked and when it rained heavy it was getting into the chimney through the big crack/hole in the lid. We had them remove it and put a piece of wood over the opening and set the cement block on top of the wood, that stopped it. I guess we need to get some sort of a chimney cap and put over it.

Daylight saving time, don't even get me started on that. I wish when they change the clock in the Fall they would leave that time stick. Here it is dark again when i take Granddaughter to school in the mornings, we leave around 7:30am. Plus like this morning with it raining, it's very, very hard to see when a child is walking, if they have on dark clothing and not even one item that has a reflector on it. Farmers don't need a lot of daylight, they have these expensive AC, cabs, with stereo and headlights, so they can plow and work in the fields when ever they want.

Raining here this morning, in fact it's been raining all night. But I would rather have the rain then heavy sow that would have to be removed.

Good luck with the chimney.

Lady Di Tn said...

LOL no repairman could ever compare to my Prince.
Today is the first day of spring and we had ice on the bird baths. Not warm here. But we do have sunshine. Yeah. Peace

Thank you and we are plugging along. We have the varmits out of the attic and it sealed off. Now for the chimney. At the lake we are having septic tank repairs. Ugh. Not warm here this first day of spring but we do have sun shine. Peace

They are gonna seal the chimney off with metal so it will last. So far only the septic tank at the lake has begun but the sealing of the attic is done. They have not scheduled the chimney or septic tank complete repair yet. I hope we do not get more rain as predicted because the cabin is on a hillside and we need for the ground to dry up some before they can schedule it, Peace