Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Snow is gone

The snow has gone but the cold weather is still with us. At the present time the sun has just come out to tease us but did not stay long. 
I have been playing in Historical bliss and going to a few luncheons because my dear SIL is here taking care of Mimi. 
Also, I have been having Grandma C's OCD visit and I have been fighting a lost battle of clutter. One bedroom looks as if a bomb has hit and the other just has begun the linen bomb. 
I took a trunk load of stuff to the This N That Thrift store to sell to support St. Lukes. That helped some but still I am fighting for places to put things. 
The Kitty Justice is to toss it, shred it, or pack it away. 
BTW the second photo is the scene of the previous canvas I painted. 


Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, We got 2 inches and it is still with us since it was so darn cold and windy here today.. Not fun to be outside... Schools are out here again tomorrow.

Good Luck with your clutter. One blog friend has a rule that if they haven't used something for a year, that it will be GONE... Not sure I could do that...

Started my new Photo Blog today. Check it out.

Jackie said...

Your photos are gorgeous!
I love the snow...even though we don't see it here; I can appreciate it via your photographs.
I, too, am in the process of de-cluttering. It's a task that I don't like when I start it...but the fruits of the task are so wonderful.
Good on ya, sister!!
Hugs and love,

Lady Di Tn said...

It is Friday and I have no idea where the week went. Declutting I guess. It is getting warmer here and the sun has been out to warm my heart and soul all day. I will check out your new photo blog soon. Have a wonderful weekend. Peace

Thanks and I am glad to give you images of snow. De-cluttering is not fun but someone got to do it. Looks like we're it. Peace

Lee said...

Sometimes I think it would be much easier to just close the door and walk away from all the stuff that I've collected over the years! But, of course, I could never do that!

I'm glad to hear all your snow has disappeared, Lady's still raining here, but it's down to intermittent showers now. They reckon it will fine up next is Sunday!

Take good care. :)

Lady Di Tn said...

Cousin Will and Cousin Mary Lou did not walk away from their clutter but when the room would fill up, they would close the door and lock it. They were the ones who lived at Waveland, which was the old home place which was torn down for a air port runway. Mimi has memories of going to visit them every summer when she was young and staying at the house. I am still tossing some things and sending others along the way to be used by others. Whew what a task. Glad to hear the rain is on the way out for you. Peace