Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monday Morning Sunrise

I never tire of awakening on this Hill and watching the sun rise. Each one is different and they make you THANKFUL TO BE ALIVE when you are subjected to such beauty. 
The Kitty Justice is to ENJOY LIFE at every sun rise. Peace be with Yawl. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

They are back

The Rose Breasted Grosbeak are back in town. They arrived a little over a week ago but I have been unable to take pictures because they are very shy in nature. These photos were taken as I stood high on a stool at the kitchen window.
Just like other species of birds they have their own dining time and after you get the time down, you can catch them at the feeder. 
They usually stick around until the weather gets too warm for them. I am so very happy that they have not forgotten where we live. I usually start feeding only safflower seeds this time of year but that seed is really too small for those magnificent beaks so I will continue to put out sunflower until they continue on their journey. 
The Kitty Justice is I think it is wonderful that we are a stop over for these Pretty Birds. I do believe their outfits lend them to be going to a fancy ball. Could it be the Swan Ball at Cheekwood? If so no other males will be as handsome. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

More Tulips from Cheekwood

 I always take a photo of this bench with the beautiful flowers. This time lots of tulips. 
 This area is horizontal to the first photo and it leads you into the next area in the following photo.

 These are close ups of the tulips in the area above. 

 This is at the end of the area before you turn to go either to the Japanese Gardens or around the ponds. Your choice but do go see each one if you get here. 
 I am looking down the hill from the Mansion's area. 
This is the back area of the first photo and you can tell by the large evergreens in the middle of the flower bed. 
If the petals did not fall off last night from our hard and windy rain, I would suggest you spend a day in the tulips. 
Cheekwood will have another Light Installation opening May 24 and running until November 10th. The artist is the acclaimed British artist Bruce Munro. There will be a Field of Lights , 20,000 lighted glass spheres , each rising from the ground on a slender stem. It will look as if the night is aglow with a field of glass flowers. It will be a grand sight and the grounds will be a lighted fantasy world with other displays too. The hours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be extended until eleven p.m. 
The Kitty Justice if you missed the tulips do not miss the light display. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Uncle Jack

Uncle Jack in his uniform . He flew troop transports planes during World War II. He was the youngest child in the family and his Mother was referred to as "Jack's Ma". I often wandered how the other children felt about that title. Maybe it was not out of the ordinary and I have just put a mud ball in the family waters.  When I started this post I realized how much I did not know about this Uncle on Prince's side of the family. 
He grew up in west Nashville and worked hard. Back then young boys were full of ambition. He eventually became President of the Baird Ward Printing Company and became an avid golfer. There was even a golf tournament that bore his name. The first time I meet him I thought him to be a gruff old bird but later I found out that he only appeared that way. 
The Kitty Justice is he could be described as a fine lemon pie with a hard crust. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

George Jones - LIVE "He Stopped Loving Her Today"

The Kitty Justice is we will always love George. Country Music has lost a treasure but Nashville has lost a family member.

Ninety four

 Mimi checking out her Happy Birthday balloon that Puppy got her. He later tied it on her walker so she could enjoy it all day long.
Puppy is giving her instructions for her new toy. She has lots of games and will be able to read books and she has an e mail address. Just goes to show you are never too old to enjoy new technology.
Edward her youngest is checking to make sure nothing was left in the bag.
 Mimi sitting in front of her cards and she is just about to blow out her candles.
Mimi with Nephew Bill. I do not know which one enjoys the others company the most.
The Kitty Justice is both of them are a delight to be around.

BTW Been having computer problems and health issues. Hope I am back more regularly.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

More blooms

 I took this photo from the end of the top porch of the Cherry trees in bloom. At the end of May I will be picking those cherries if I can get to them before the birds find them. 
 The ground cover is in bloom so it was time to hang the Humming bird feeders. We did and I think the little lady had been waiting for her meal as she drank and drank as soon as I hung the feeder. 
This is the Clematis outside the garage door. Today it has lots of blooms. 
The Kitty Justice even though it is cool outside with the sunshine it does not matter. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

New and Old

 My new "Welcome" sign is located at the curve of the drive or as we like to call it the turn around. The Chinese solar lanterns I acquired last year. They are a bit weathered but still give out a glow at night. 
This was my old "Welcome" sign hanging around the dogs neck. I put him on the rock where I have my blue fescue planted. Puppy had bought too much garlic so I stuck the bulbs in the ground and will have fresh garlic along with thyme. 
The Kitty Justice is I will use both so you are " twice as much " welcomed to my world. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Green, Apple and Bees

 The front yard is green and we have cut the grass twice. I think our mulch job looks good. The larger trees are just beginning to get green and it looks as if they are covered with green lace.
See how the Creeping Jenny is covering up the area near the seeder. The snow balls are green at this time but will quickly turn white. I have Money Plants scattered throughout the yard and I love their purple color.
 Prince just the cut the back yard a couple of days ago. The wind is blowing the bad weather into the area. The worse is suppose to arrive at eleven tonight.
 The Apple tree is in full bloom. Do you see the big birds? How many do you count?
 The above photo has a Honey Bee and the one below has a Bumble Bee. They are enjoying the nectar.

Here I was looking up at the tree. Be sure to enlarge the photos to see all the details.
The Kitty Justice is it Spring on the Hill.
BTW I have been absent because of a NASTY sinus infection.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tulips at Cheekwood

 Mz Bubbles and Kitty Justice standing at the entrance of the gardens. 
 From our positions if you looked to the left you would see the above photo and to our right are the two below photos. 

The above photo is a close up of the tulips. We spent half the day wondering the gardens and the other half checking out the Miniatures in The Museum. The Miniatures are images on Ivory which were carried by a loved one before the photograph came into being. They had mirrors behind several of the miniatures so you could see the back of the cases which often had locks of hair of the person's whose image you were gazing upon. If you go do take time to read and admire each one. They are Fabulous. 
The Kitty Justice is you are not allowed to tip toe through the tulips. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Before I get on my Soap box, I wanted to let you know that all the mulch now resides around the new trees and multiple flower beds. Puppy did most of the work as I supervised but I did put a few handfuls or pails full out myself. Especially around plants that he would have smothered by being unaware that they were plants and not weeds.
Now, I am NOT, NOT, NOT for any new gun control laws. So whether it is S649 or any other so called control I for one am not for it. The above sign says it all for me. No matter what the tool it is the persons choice that makes the difference and not the tool.
I feel very sad for the families in Newtown but no amount of gun control will stop sick individuals from committing their walk to the hall of fame of HORRORS. I hate that they are being paraded by our government to lobby for gun control.  It is like milking their grief for personal gain. No amount of control that has been or will be enacted will prevent a son from taking his Mother's gun and committing such a violent act. WILL WE DO BACKGROUND CHECKS ON CHILDREN OF THE GUN OWNERS?
Look at Big Ears home town of Chicago. They have  gun control but look at the violence. You have to change the ways society feels and thinks about violence and not have the ignorant thought that if you take away a tool then all will be well.  Not so and never will be. HOW NAIVE.
Just like the Mayor of New York taking away big soft drinks, that will keep people from getting fat. I truly worry about the mentality of Mr. Mayor and his friend Big Ears.
I also cannot phantom why so many folks are like sheep and follow along like lambs to slaughter. Too many are not using the gray matter between their ears.
We should not spend our energies on Gun Control but we should be looking to do away with Obamacare. The guns cannot harm us unless a person pulls the trigger  but the Obamacare will bankrupt us. That is another thing about the government, YOU DO NOT PASS A BILL WITHOUT READING IT. Now look what you have done to the people.
We should be bringing back our manufacturers knowledge because all it would take would be for North Korea to hit areas of China that provide MOST of the products for the USA. Look around your home and see just where everything you have has been made. NOT HERE.
I do not know about yawl but North Korea SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME. So just in case someone threatens my freedom, I wish to be able to protect it and if I do not have access to a gun it is like the old saying "If you bring a knife to a gun fight, you will lose."
The Kitty Justice is you are STILL DEAD IF YOU ARE KILLED BY ONE OR A MILLION BULLETS and the gun did not kill you, it was the person behind the trigger  .GET REAL PEOPLE AND SPEND YOUR WHEELS ON BIGGER PROBLEMS.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Not the same

The shaving cream on the left is bigger around and taller but they are suppose to have the same number of ounces.
The Kitty Justice is one of them is incorrect. Shame on you Nivea.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

New bird bath

Before Easter Prince brought me home a nice surprise. A new multicolor bird bath. When the light shines on it, you never know what color you will see but it is predominate purple, green and red. 
Now, I may not use it as a bird bath but just a decoration because by putting water in it will cause a ring. 
The Kitty Justice is to find a better use for my new treasure. 

Friday, April 05, 2013

Hard at work

 I spent most of the day cleaning out my flower beds. I pulled weeds, racked up leaves and a unheard amount of hickory nuts plus some sticks. I left them for Prince to haul off. 
I borrowed Prince's truck and went to Home Depot and got 40 bags of mulch. Puppy drove the truck and helped load it and then unloaded it by himself. I thought we might spread it but first I needed to clean those beds. 
The Kitty Justice was the sun was out and the day fantastic to get in some dirt therapy. 

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Puppies's Photo

At eleven PM on March 31st, Puppy came up and took several photos of the lights behind the gathering fog. Please enlarge to see the colors shining through God's blanket. 
The Kitty Justice is my guys take great photos too. 

Monday, April 01, 2013

Goodbye to Easter 13

 The Bunnies had to come in and cover up from the rainy day. Did your Easter Bunny's tail get wet? We had only two extra for dinner and that was fine. A rather quiet Easter day. I cooked ham, rolls, fresh asparagus, rice and sliced a tomato. On the side, I had a congealed Apricot salad on a lettuce leaf topped with a dollop of mayo. For dessert we had 'SMASHED' Lemon pound cake with french vanilla ice cream. Prince announced that the cake was smashed before I offered to serve it up. It had stuck in the pan and I had used the glaze to put it back together, thus the term smashed. 
 Very late in the afternoon, after our guest had left, the sun came out and the sky turned blue. Prince and I took Maggie on a walk down the drive way and discussed where we were gonna plant the items we have ordered from the veterans. The tree sale helps the veterans plus we gardener get a great deal. The trees and plants are grown in McMinnville, Tennessee. 
The second photo was taken from the porch out back and this one is of the sky looking down  the driveway. Something about color in the sky to make you HAPPY. Speaking of Happy are any of yawl watching Duck Dynasty on A&E channel? If not you need to tune in on Wednesday nights and have a few good laughs at their clean humor. 
The Kitty Justice is we had to pick and choose the correct spot to add more trees and bushes.