Monday, April 01, 2013

Goodbye to Easter 13

 The Bunnies had to come in and cover up from the rainy day. Did your Easter Bunny's tail get wet? We had only two extra for dinner and that was fine. A rather quiet Easter day. I cooked ham, rolls, fresh asparagus, rice and sliced a tomato. On the side, I had a congealed Apricot salad on a lettuce leaf topped with a dollop of mayo. For dessert we had 'SMASHED' Lemon pound cake with french vanilla ice cream. Prince announced that the cake was smashed before I offered to serve it up. It had stuck in the pan and I had used the glaze to put it back together, thus the term smashed. 
 Very late in the afternoon, after our guest had left, the sun came out and the sky turned blue. Prince and I took Maggie on a walk down the drive way and discussed where we were gonna plant the items we have ordered from the veterans. The tree sale helps the veterans plus we gardener get a great deal. The trees and plants are grown in McMinnville, Tennessee. 
The second photo was taken from the porch out back and this one is of the sky looking down  the driveway. Something about color in the sky to make you HAPPY. Speaking of Happy are any of yawl watching Duck Dynasty on A&E channel? If not you need to tune in on Wednesday nights and have a few good laughs at their clean humor. 
The Kitty Justice is we had to pick and choose the correct spot to add more trees and bushes. 


Jackie said...

What a lovely day, you had for Easter. Your meal sounds heavenly, your day sounds peaceful, and the photos show that the sky was breathtaking. I'm so glad that your Easter was a blessed one.
Hugs and love to you,

Betsy Adams said...

So you finally got a bit of pretty weather on Easter Sunday. We never did.. Rained (drizzled) all day long.... BUT--today has been gorgeous... Yeah!!!!

Your dinner sounded wonderful. Bet that cake was tremendous!!!!! We had a turkey breast and veggies... It was just us --so we kept it simple.


Small City Scenes said...

I am glad you had such a fine day and then topping it off with 'smashed' cake. Memories!!
We also had an excellent day. Also one of the warmest days of our Spring so it was very lovely. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

It was a nice day and everyone cleaned their plates so they were either hungry or the food was good. I prefer to think the latter. It rained and was cloudy most of the day but that afternoon as the sun was going down it cleared and gave us a beautiful sun set. Peace

That was also our Sunday except when the sun went down. But then it was lovely. I cut the cake in the kitchen so no one would have known it was smashed if Prince had not announced it. Yesterday was nice but today it is rather chilly. Peace

April fools day was the nicest day weatherize that we have had and today it is cool again. I guess when we get warm it will get HOT HOT HOT, Glad to hear yawl had a great Easter. Peace

Lee said...

It sounds like you all had a smashing time over Easter, Lady Di. Mine was very planned. :)

Vickie H said...

We had rain on Easter and according to the old folks it will rain for the next seven Sundays-we will see. I LOVE Duck Dynasty-we just got back from West Monroe a couple of weeks ago-we visited the warehouse and Duck Dynasty store.It is wonderful to see a family pray on t.v. and it was wonderful for A&E t.v. to think of doing this!