Thursday, April 18, 2013

Green, Apple and Bees

 The front yard is green and we have cut the grass twice. I think our mulch job looks good. The larger trees are just beginning to get green and it looks as if they are covered with green lace.
See how the Creeping Jenny is covering up the area near the seeder. The snow balls are green at this time but will quickly turn white. I have Money Plants scattered throughout the yard and I love their purple color.
 Prince just the cut the back yard a couple of days ago. The wind is blowing the bad weather into the area. The worse is suppose to arrive at eleven tonight.
 The Apple tree is in full bloom. Do you see the big birds? How many do you count?
 The above photo has a Honey Bee and the one below has a Bumble Bee. They are enjoying the nectar.

Here I was looking up at the tree. Be sure to enlarge the photos to see all the details.
The Kitty Justice is it Spring on the Hill.
BTW I have been absent because of a NASTY sinus infection.


Jackie said...

And I've missed you.
Hope you are feeling better.
You live in a piece of paradise! Just beautiful.

Small City Scenes said...

Spring on the hill is starting out very beautiful. I see two turkeys under the apple tree. Our apple trees are just showing bud---they need some sunshine although the cherry and Pear trees are popping. You have a lovely place. M

Lee said...

Everything is looking so lovely and green there, Lady's not unlike where I live here...very similar. :)

Changes in the wind said...

Hope all those beautiful blooms aren't contributing to that sinus infection....

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks but the paradise is part of my problem. Peace

There are 3 turkeys as one is heading for the woods. After the storm our temps went down to 40 this morning with a high of 50 today. Thanks and Peace

Glad we share the same kind of vista. Peace

The pollen is very bad indeed and if you leave anything outdoors it comes back inside YELLOW. We had the windows open but closed them once I was told of my ailment. We had the air on 2 days and now the heat is back on for a few days. Since the dogwoods are blooming, I guess our cold spell could be called Dogwood Winter. Peace

Betsy Adams said...

Gorgeous photos, Di... I love seeing your yard, your beautiful home --and oh, that view... AWESOME.... You are so fortunate!!!!

Turned cold here today --after the rains and high winds yesterday.... GADS!