Friday, April 05, 2013

Hard at work

 I spent most of the day cleaning out my flower beds. I pulled weeds, racked up leaves and a unheard amount of hickory nuts plus some sticks. I left them for Prince to haul off. 
I borrowed Prince's truck and went to Home Depot and got 40 bags of mulch. Puppy drove the truck and helped load it and then unloaded it by himself. I thought we might spread it but first I needed to clean those beds. 
The Kitty Justice was the sun was out and the day fantastic to get in some dirt therapy. 


Jackie said... have done some work!
I love to see a full wheelbarrow; it does something wonderful to my spirit to know that a job that I love (working in the yard) is almost complete.
That's a lot of mulch. You are making a happy place, and I can't wait to see and hear more about it.

Lee said...

You've been and still will be a busy girl, Lady Di! You put me to shame!!

Anonymous said...

I could use your mulch but have no way of getting it here. LOL

Changes in the wind said...

Isn't it amazing what spring can do? Hope you have a lot more sunny days to play in.

Small City Scenes said...

We've been doing the same here. 'Tis the season and I say YAY! to that. Except today it is raining and chilly and I NEED the sunshine.
40 bags of mulch---that's a lot. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Yes I too like to see a full wheel barrel. I would have thought that the squirrels should have eaten all those nuts. I saw a furry tail wandering around looking for them. He should have eaten them when he had the chance. Peace

At least you are not dog tired like me. I am writing this in bed using my I pd mini. Peace

At this point I wish you had the mulch too. Peace

Sun was a welcome sight after all the rain we have had this last month. Peace

Sorry to hear you had a cool rainy day but April showers bring May flowers. I am wondering if I got enough mulch. Peace