Monday, April 15, 2013

Tulips at Cheekwood

 Mz Bubbles and Kitty Justice standing at the entrance of the gardens. 
 From our positions if you looked to the left you would see the above photo and to our right are the two below photos. 

The above photo is a close up of the tulips. We spent half the day wondering the gardens and the other half checking out the Miniatures in The Museum. The Miniatures are images on Ivory which were carried by a loved one before the photograph came into being. They had mirrors behind several of the miniatures so you could see the back of the cases which often had locks of hair of the person's whose image you were gazing upon. If you go do take time to read and admire each one. They are Fabulous. 
The Kitty Justice is you are not allowed to tip toe through the tulips. 


Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Aren't those tulips gorgeous??? Cheekwood is really pretty in spring, isn't it????

We are headed to Biltmore tomorrow hopefully to see some tulips there.


Jackie said...

Oh I would have loved to have been there to see those gorgeous tulips!!!

Changes in the wind said...

A beautiful site indeed...

Small City Scenes said...

Tulips are so pretty and just a wonderful flower. They sure do cheer one up. MB

Lee said...

How beautiful!

Patty said...

Just beautiful photos of the tulips.

Lady Di Tn said...

Yes, Cheekwood is one of Nashville's treasures. I bet the Biltmore has more than 55,000 tulips since it is larger. Have fun. Peace

They were splendid. Colors and smells were wonderful. Peace

Thanks and Peace

They are very cheery and you had whole fields of them to make you one HAPPY LADY. Peace

Thanks and it was very enjoyable. Peace

They were prettier in person but I did try to share their beauty with yawl. Peace

Vickie H said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful garden. I love tulips, but we sure can't grow them this far South. Hope you stayed safe last night-just rain here.