Monday, May 06, 2013

Flowers, flowers everywhere

 The clematis by the garage is in full bloom now. 
Puppy went out and got me 4 Saliva plants to put between the box wood out front. 
The UPS truck that backed over my snowball bush did not kill it but it is bent over toward the seeder more than it should. When it happen last year, the whole bush was on the ground. I gently tugged and pulled until I righted it as much as possible. I was worried that it would not make it. 
However, it is full of those fluffy white balls. When Puppy was about six, I had a snowball bush out back and I never will forget him showing up on the porch with this huge bouquet of snowballs for me. 
The Kitty Justice is flowers with memories are the best. 


Lady Di Tn said...

Hey yawl after the weekend of rain, my snowball bush is back on the ground. Prince and I plant to try and stake it after it stops raining. At least the rain is good for all the new trees and bushes that we planted last month. The Veterans and Boy Scouts have a yearly sale and we bought ten to help support the vets and scouts. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Yes new plantings do need all the watering they can get. We are having excellent weather so we are out in the yard everyday--weeding, preparing the ground for more plants and planting. Such fun. Outside is so much better than inside.
I hope the Snowball tree gets going the right way.
Precious memory of Puppy and the Snowball bouquet. MB

Patty said...

Snowball bush is looking great.

Jackie said...

Gotta love that puppy showing up with a bouquet for his Mama. Never mind about your snow ball bush being a bit bare...the spot in your heart was completely filled, I'm sure! I love that.
Your flowers are so pretty, my friend.
I'm glad that I get to see flowers from around the region and country via my friends' blogs. Beautiful!!!

Lady Di Tn said...

Ah you sound so much like me. I love to be outside and when the weather is good, somehow, I manage to find myself outside. I think after we upright it again and stake the bush, it might be okay. Peace

Thanks and there is something about a snow ball bush that makes a person feel happy. At least this person. Peace

He was so proud of himself and it is a very fond memory. At a certain age, no flower is safe from little hands but it sure makes you feel good to be handed those blooms by tiny hands. Thanks and Peace