Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On the USS Alabama

 I am eye level with the feet rest for the gunner.  I can only imagine sitting there and shooting at the enemy. I hope you read the plaque on the previous post as to where and when this ship was used. 
 Puppy looking out to see how the gunner would feel. He and Prince went all over the ship but I was only able to climb 3 or 4 ladders and then I realized I would have to go down or take up residence. Puppy suggested I go down backward and hold on with both hands on the railings and that is what I did and it was easier that way.
 After getting back on the main deck, I told them to keep exploring and I would just hang around on this deck. There was a wonderful breeze which kept it from being too hot to just stroll around this deck. 
 I walked by those big guns and onto the very front of the ship. This is a photo looking back from where I had strolled. Everything was so BIG. The chains going down each side of this deck had links that made my feet look like miniatures. 
Inside the main area were lots of blue prints and factual information on the ship and I could busy myself reading as they were exploring. I will try to remember what I read about these guns. There were 26 men that operated each set of these guns. Each gun had three stories. The first one had elevator system that took the ammunition up into a second story. Finally the ammo would reach the third story where they would be shot at the enemy. The range was over twenty something miles and I am sure the damage was tremendous. As I read about the guns, I could only wonder about the men who were on each level of the guns. 
I thought of a story that Mr. Corlew told me one Spring evening years ago as we sat and waiting for Puppy and his Grandson to finish soccer practice . He said he worked below deck and during one battle he came up to see what was happen and he said the sky was black and it was a horrifying scene. One I am sure he never forgot while alive. 
I told his daughter one day that I enjoyed talking to him about the war, and she look rather taken aback when she replied "Daddy doesn't talk to us about that. You probably know more than we do." 
The Kitty Justice is to have all school children learn about the wars which have given them the freedom of choice. 


Small City Scenes said...

That is quite a ship. Huge is right. What an honor to tour it and learn all about it's adventures. Brave sailors. MB

Lee said...

Awesome! I bet it was a bit spine-chilling, though...tingles would have gone through me if I'd been there. There are so many feelings and emotions involved...