Saturday, May 11, 2013

Plants at the bottom porch

 Wednesday I spent ALL day outside in the plants, weeding, cutting back, re-potting, placing the potted plants in their very own space for the summer. My Hosta, Japanese Iris, and Peonies are doing fine in their home below the Holly Trees. 
 We had a walnut tree very near the porch and when it was cut down, I use the stump to place this very large plant. I only had to remove two of the lower stems this year. 

I have hit a button that has made it impossible to move the photo of the white barn. Notice how green everything is from the porch. If you look close you can see some feathered friends behind the barn. 
The Kitty Justice is while I worked outdoors Wednesday, the Turkeys kept me company in the yard above the windmill. 


Small City Scenes said...

We worked in the yard all day yesterday too. We built a trellis for the Sweet Peas and I potted and repotted some containers. I LOVE being outside. Your plants and your view are lovely. Don't you love it when everything is so green. MB

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Di, Great photos. You have such a beautiful home -and view.. Wow!!!!!

We just got home from a week at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. Had a fabulous time.... Found everything so nice and green here.. AND the Azaleas and Irises are blooming..

Glad you could get to my blog FINALLY.

Happy Mother's Day.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and yes it is so much fun to be outdoors. I think everything looks so lush when all the different shades of Green are in abundance. Peace

Thank you for your kind words. We feel very fortunate that Prince's father came out to the west side of town and bought the hill back before WWII. you should be rested and up to work outside now that you are home. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time. Peace