Friday, June 21, 2013

Big Dog Little Dog

 Maggie is pretty good at finding the perfect spot when the kitchen is crowded with two legged animals. If she was any taller she would not fit under the counter. BTW The stack of newspapers are being collected to place around the plants Puppy has put out in his garden and the tomatoes down by the bottom porch. He will then add a layer of straw NOT HAY and the maintenance of his garden will be rather easy. ( Plus it keeps in the moisture so less watering is required) I tried to get him to add the straw last year but he decided not to and had to do a lot of hoeing to keep out the weeds.  Lesson Learned. 
Cricket, my SIL dog does not have the same problem except she does have to watch for those two legged animal's feet because she is easily stepped upon. 
The Kitty Justice is no matter the size of the dog , they have to know how to avoid the two legged Beasts. 


Lee said...

Those two have got it down pat while hoping for a pat!

Lady Di Tn said...

Both are spoiled rotten. Peace