Wednesday, June 26, 2013

House plant

When you come in our front door and look to the left you are greeted by this wonderful plant. When Mimi's friend Harriett was alive, she gave the plant to Mimi and Mimi kept it in her bathroom window. Oh green paw Kitty took the pitiful looking plant and gave it new dirt and found it's happy place in the house. I have to watch Maggie because if she gets too close that tail of hers can do some damage. I have placed it on the tallest plant stand I have but alas it is crawling along the floor again. I have cut it back only once and started some cuttings for Nephew who lives in Mobile. Some days I feel as if Nephew is part my child as his interests are the same as mine.  I may go in search of a taller plant stand as I cannot cut it off without rooting it and I do not know of anyone who I can give it. I take after Pa and Mother as they too could not just throw away a good cutting of a plant. Do any of yawl have this problem?
The Kitty Justice is I do not know the name of the plant so we refer to it as Harriett's Plant.


Changes in the wind said...

Well, it is beautiful and it is indeed HAPPY...if I were close by I would love to have a piece:)

Jackie said...

I have the same kind of sentiment(s) regarding plants, Kitty J.
I enlarged the photo of your plant to see if I recognized it; I didn't, but I'm hoping that my Mama will. I will show her the photo and get back with you if she identifies it. Lovely!

Lee said...

Wow! Wow! That sure is a healthy-looking plant!!! And a very happy one at that!

Lady Di Tn said...

Sure wish you were and I would cut off and happily give it to you. Peace

I am glad we have the same sentiments about plants. Sure hope your Mama knows what it is called. Thanks and Peace

Thanks and it does seem very happy in that spot. I have found if a plant likes a spot if I take it outside for the summer, I try to keep it on the same side of the house. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

You could just call the plant Harriet. It looks like that hairy thing on the Adam's Family old TV show. LOL MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Love how your mind works. I would love to have a large headed pot to it it in so it could be the hair. I found a taller plant stand today and have already had Puppy put it in place. It will have to grow at least 4 more inches to reach the floor. Peace