Monday, June 17, 2013

Kitty Justice as a Young Kat

 My Mother gave up trying to let my hair grow when I was a young child. I was around six (my first grade photo) at the time of this picture was made. Instead of curling my hair and being prissy like my older sister, I wanted to run bare footed out side and climb any tree that looked inviting. I also loved the mud animals my Grandpa would make for me to play in the dirt and pretend I was a little farmer. Looking back on my childhood, this was the happiest time of my life when I was young. Freedom to be outside and do whatever, I wished to do. No chores just fun times. I loved to follow my Grandpa around like a love sick puppy. Up until I met Prince, I never loved a man as much as Pa. Pa was the man in my life as I was growing up as my Father was never around. But Pa was there to tell stories and he ALWAYS HAD  time for his Babes, his name for us grand kids' He grew a large garden and we had a milk cow, goat or goats, chickens, rabbits and I considered all their babies to be my very own play things. Our Neighbor had a horse, Ole Dan, and I could climb the gate and climb onto his back when I was allowed to ride him. I would go at break neck speed down the hill and when the fence came into to view, I would turn him back uphill. Oh what a rush. I also played with frogs to my OCD Grandmothers horror. She convinced me that if they peed on me I would get these nasty warts, so not to be outdone, I sneaked some of her quilt pieces and straight pins to make diapers for my little frog babies.  We would have been considered  POOR but in real like we were Richer than those who were considered in better standing. 
As you can see in my twenties, I was still very much a tom boy. I would spend the autumn mornings in a tree stand or hidden in some brush to kill a deer. Now I do not kill for SPORT. I was taught if you kill it you best be ready to put it on the table as food. That is exactly what I did. I would raise a small garden and then deer hunt for meat. I would even chill the meat in my frig and then de-bone it myself and package it. Yes you have to skin it and then have a good hack saw to cut it up so it will fit in the frig. I had a buddy who loved  her wine and when she would open the frig to procure the wine, and I was cooling the meat, she would lose her cookies. I always told her she would need me around if push come to shove because she would not have the fortitude to survive. 
Since Sunday, I have had a lot of time to reflect when  I just leaned over to get some cold cuts out of the meat drawer (A very natural  act) and my back went out. I have been living last week as Rip Van Wrinkle in drag.(Feel like all I have done is SLEEP) 
The Kitty Justice is to have the back bone OF the earlier Kitty days. Who would have thought I would end up with back problems because I could do anything I put my mind  to accomplish. 


mississippi artist said...

Awe Kitty it is terrible to get old! But it is even worse NOT to get old-we just have to suck it up! I sure miss the days when I was able to do anything I wanted!Hope this doesn't last long.

Lady Di Tn said...

Yes it is but I am so thankful for the days I did not hurt. Sunday thru Tuesday were the worse and I am SLOWLY RECOVERING. PEACE

Changes in the wind said...

Hard to imagine something so simple could make us hurt so bad but just have to let it run its course and get back on the stick. Hope you feel better soon.

Lady Di Tn said...

That is what I am trying to do but boredom is my enemy. Peace

Jackie said...

I think this is my favorite blog of yours!!!
I love this.
I love my Daddy as much as you loved your Pa.
I don't remember my Granddaddy like you did yours, but I understand the love....completely.
I have the same bond with my Grandson that you did with your Pa, and I think he feels the same way about me. There is nothing greater than that kind of family love.
I am a Daddy's girl, and I think my Grandson is a Nana's boy.
I love this blogpost. You are quite a strong woman... brought up by good stock!!
This is my favorite post you have ever done!

DUTA said...


Lee said...

A wonderful story, Lady Di. You were very lucky to have such a wonderful male role model in your life when you were young. I had neither a father nor a grandfather...and I often wonder what it would have been like to have had one or the other or both.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. My Pa was my first love and always will be. My Father was not a family man and was never around except to eat and sleep. But my Grandpa was there and he loved his Babes. So happy you enjoyed a little glimpse in kitty past paw days.Peace

Thanks and your compliment did raise my spirits. Peace

Thanks. I was very lucky to have my Grandpa because Dad just was not around nor interested in being a Father. Rather than have one like my Dad you were better off not having any. Look what a great gal you are without any male role models. Peace