Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I love to make necklaces. The Pope, my bestest girl friend laughs and ask "why do you make necklaces as you do not wear them?" I wear them occasionally but not like others kitties. I prefer to decorate my hands, wrist and ears. But I cannot help myself, I just love to make necklaces. 
The Kitty Justice is I have no regrets when I give them away. 
BTW The green one left with my SIL to dazzle Mississippi.


Small City Scenes said...

Well I am back to blogging and appreciate your comments. I haven't been fishing for quite awhile. Bob's son Jim fishes for Salmon in the fall and brings home 2 a day so the freezer and our tummies are always full of Salmon.
Jim also gardens the way way Puppy is doing with the --he uses cardboard not newspapers-- and straw. He also has a greenhouse so lucky dog.
I love your necklaces---why not bracelets instead? MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Ah, MB Kitty J loves salmon so you are lucky to not only have the fish but the fisherman. A greenhouse would be more fun than I could stand. You are one lucky gal. I do make bracelets but I have a very strong tendency to keep them and as I said necklaces are easier for me to part with. Glad your back. Peace

Lee said...

They look great, Miss Kitty! I went crazy last year and bought a whole lot of differently styled and coloured necklaces...I love them!

Lady Di Tn said...

I would happily give you one if you were near. Peace