Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Happy Couple

 One of the photos sent while they were on their Honeymoon. I noticed that Nephew who is very NEAT had hair on his handsome face. Must have lost his razor. Not like him to look so scruffy. 
The reception was at the held at the Richards DAR House in Mobile. On the mantle was a photo of Mimi when she was married. All throughout the house were old photos of different relatives on their wedding day. I do not know who made the cake but it was FANTASTIC. Not that yucky too sweet kind. I liked it so well I went back for seconds and thought damn with glucose levels. 
Prince and I sat on the the lawn on the other side of the house because as you can see the band was playing and everyone was partying down on this side of the house. Nephew Lewis and new Niece Adrienne stopped to have a photo made on the dance floor. 
The Kitty Justice is that they are as HAPPY as Prince and I. 


Jackie said...

Beautiful couple...
Looks like a fabulous reception!

DUTA said...

Maybe your nephew is trying to grow a beard. Some young men believe a beard makes them look more mature.

It looks like a very successful party with a magnificient wedding cake and lively guests.
Good Luck to the young couple!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and yes it was. Peace

Lewis has always looked young so you might be correct. I thought the cake was the best I had ever eaten, thus the second piece. The lively ones were on the side with the dance floor we sat on the more sedate side. Peace