Saturday, August 31, 2013

Let out of house arrest

Monday morning, 8-26-2013 when we got up to begin the week. After the Spinal Injection, well all I can say is the week has gonna better and better. Nay, I am not pain free but boy can I live with how I feel if I do not get any better, I will still be Thankful for the relief I have enjoyed. This is the best I have felt in over two months and I relish each moment without pain. I wish to formally Thank in print and on my blog, Dr. Sam Kayser for referring me to Dr. Greg Lanford who in turn determined I needed the Injection for relief and also Dr. John W. Culclasure who did the procedure. When I think of them the song with the phrase "Let's here it for the boys" plays in my head. Also, the jingle "Oh what a relief it is". 
The Kitty Justice is I do not have to painfully creep from room to room but I can enjoy the outdoors. Oops I may stay in again since the heat index is suppose to be around one hundred. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Cushion

 We ordered this cushion from QDIDirect-Home Trends catalog. It was labeled as "5 inch rising cushion" with the following description: Sit, relax and rise easily from a seated position. Our super thick cushion distributes body weight evenly and relieves pressure for hours. Soft faux sheepskin elasticized cover is removable and washable. _Poly foam fill 14"x14"x5"H.
I am showing this photo of Kitty, Mimi and Cousin Anne from her visit in April to show the area where Mimi sits during the time we have company. Usually she has to put from 2 to 3 throw cushions on the chair so it will be tall enough for her to get up easily. Thus the thought that the 5 inch cushion would help. NOT!!!!! She said it wobbled and felt as if it might throw her from the chair. I rolled up a throw and stuffed it on the side to stabilize the cushion. Did not help, so Mimi went back to the throw cushions she used before. 
When the back was really on the blink, I thought I will try the cushion and see if it works better for me. NOT! I almost landed in the floor and the wobbly movement made the back pain worse. 
We have had it way too long to return so what to do with the cushion. I think I will put it in the black metal chair in the outside corner of the house that you see through the window where I have an old cushion for Moe Cat. 
The Kitty Justice is if Moe kitty does not use it then it is just unusable. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


This is what we use to call "Sewing Club Food". My MIL is an original member of the club which was started before her oldest child was born. The late 1940's. Puppy came home from the hospital in one of the little gowns that Mimi sewed for baby Bep (MSL). Anyway, these ladies would meet have lunch and sew every three weeks. Later in the 90's it was once a month. Eventually, each lady at a certain dish that was expected of them for the luncheon. This one was served by Mrs. Harriett Caldwell. There are only three ladies left of the famed Sewing Club.  Bep fixed the salad for dinner one night and then we had enough for lunch for us three ladies.
The recipe comes from Sadie LeSueur's "Recipes and Party Plans written in 1955. Mimi's copy is well worn  and held together with masking tape.
First you need to boil and stuff one egg per plate and make the Russian Dressing which is on page 226 of the book.

2 cups of Mayonnaise
1/2 onion, minced fine
1Tbsp bell pepper, minced fine
1 cup finely chopped celery
1/2 tsp of curry powder (optional)
1/2 cup tomato catsup or chill sauce
We prefer less curry powder and chill sauce. Instead of mincing , Bep used the food processor. I think it is better minced if you have the time. Combine all the ingredients and chill overnight before the luncheon.


Spread a slice of Reese's Holland Rusk with Philadelphia Onion and Chives Cream Cheese (it calls for anchovy paste). Cover with a thin slice of baked ham. Over this put a slice of cooked chicken breast; cover with a large slice of tomato; sprinkle tomato with salt; put 2 halves of stuffed eggs on tomato, flat side down. Over all of this pour a generous portion of the Russian Dressing. Completely cover salad. On top of salad put an opened artichoke heart or large stuffed olive, flanked on either side by tiny whole sardines. Serve this salad on shredded lettuce and  you can have a complete meal. When planning for a small group, you can buy a large chicken breast and several slices of baked or boiled ham from your butcher. Frizzle this type of ham in butter before using: broil and slice chicken breast.

The salad we ate, did not have cooked chicken breast, artichoke hearts, olives or sardines. We topped ours with fresh parsley and at the dinner serving, we had sliced avocados. Also, we bought from the deli department the boiled ham and baked turkey not chicken. Since I gave up wheat I had a wheat free white cheddar corn cake instead of Holland rusk. I was gonna put a photo of the rusk on the post but could not get it to come up. Just Google Reese's Holland Rusk to view the package as it is not sold in all stores even in the South.

The Kitty Justice is it is a great luncheon meal and even great for dinner. Enjoy

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


These zinnias are growing in a couple of pots out on the back porch. Which makes them easy to get to and cut. Bep cut the flowers and Mimi and I poked them into the flower vase.  My SIL, Bep,  has come up from Jackson, Ms and has been doing all my chores and running for me. Nice to have one so willing to drive up for a visit and help. This has also given Prince and Puppy a break as they were the ones I called on before she arrived.  Usually when she comes, since she has retired from teaching, I have little mini vacations while she takes charge of Mimi duty and the house whole chores. It has been very nice to have someone to take up the slack while I am down and out.
I plan to be up and running in a few days. Cannot keep a good Kat down.  The first injection has made almost all the intolerable pain go away. No I am not pain free but alas it is bearable. The doc has ordered two more injections and the next one will be after a 2 week period from the first one. 
The Kitty Justice is the thought of getting better is as cheerful as the flowers that greet me in the kitchen.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

True to my name

Just like Moe I have been just laying around . I am currently watching the Third Season of Doc Martin. I have finished seasons one and two. The scenery mays one wish to move to Portwenn. It is a coastal village and no big box stores have invaded.
The Kitty Justice if you have to act like a cat then you might enjoy Doc Martin.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cloudy inside Out

I am doing this post from my I Pad while laying down watching the Speed channel. It happen again Wednesday while home alone and all soaped up in the shower. Yep, another HORRIBLE crippling pain.  I made it out but the rest of the day was downhill . That night at 5 p m, I got the doctor orders in the mail to go to therapy. Thursday is a painful blur. Friday morning I call Nurse Ratchet and ask to see the doctor. She wanted to know if I had started therapy. I responded that  I could not walk so how was I to do therapy. NR told me that if I saw him well he would just tell me to do therapy.  Reluctantly, she made an appointment for Tuesday. I then spent the rest of the trying to get an insurance okay to go to Star Therapy. All the people at Star made up for Nurse Ratchet attitude. Puppy drove me and even went up to check the direct route to Star. When I tried to sleep, Friday night well there was no rest in any position. I am doing  the one exercise  that the  therapist said to do.
. The kitty justice is now I cannot sit without PAIN.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back to War Part two

Stephen Burbridge nicknamed "Butcher". During his rule in Kentucky, he directed execution and imprisonment of numerous people, including public figures on charges of treason and other high crimes, many which were baseless. He declared Order # 59 that stated "whenever an unarmed  Union citizen is murdered, four guerrillas (Confederates) will be selected from the prison and publicly shot to death at the most convenient place near the scene of the outrage. 
All of these men (previous post) made reputations for themselves from killing civilians without trial or evidence. They looted homes in the name of the U S Government and took anything they wanted no matter what it was or its use. 
The following is a part of a paragraph from the previous story on Nathan B. Forrest  in the Confederate Veteran Magazine: 
"First Lt. W. H. Nelson, 5th Tennessee Cavalry, US, kept a diary in which he recorded the killing of prisoners as routine: 
May 18, 1964, Lieut. Creasy killed two prisoners, one unknown. Warm and pleasant. Nothing important happening. 
June 14,1864. We were in a fight today. We burned the houses where the fight took place and took the men of the houses to Lynchburg.
June 15, 1864. We killed the prisoners we took yesterday. 
HUMAN LIFE had become cheap in Tennessee by 1864, and the debaser of its value were not Confederates."
Of the men I have written about, Nathan B Forrest is the one who is the villain  in today's historical facts. Nathan attacked a fort of  military men at 4 P.M. and at 4:30 P.M. 182 of the men were dead and 398 US soldiers survived. Maybe he should have killed all of them then it could have been what it is called a massacre.  He did not but alas it was trout ed as massacre. 
I am not saying that our Southern Gentlemen who were in charge never committed a crime against humanity but from all I have read so far, they were the most civil and honorable of the commanding officers on both sides of the issue. 
The Kitty Justice is  who were the real Terrorist of the Civil War.  

Friday, August 09, 2013

Back to the WAR part one

 J B Turchin was known for the "Sack of Athens" May 2, 1862. He was court martial for this action with a long list of grievances and he was found guilt by the military court. However, ole Abe Lincoln had the judgement set aside and then to add insult to injury, he promoted him from Colonel to Brigadier General. 
 Robert Milroy conducted such harsh treatment of Winchester citizens were so atrocity that even many pro-Unionist changed their sympathies. 
 Eleazer Paine was formally reprimanded for brutality toward civilians and their civil rights while commanding troops in western Kentucky. He was headquartered in Gallatin, Tn. where his reputation for stealing from civilians grew and people of the area referred to him as "Our King" or "Tempest" Executions were common place typically without the benefit of trial or legal counsel. 
Fielding Hurst was from East Tennessee and a Union thug without any restrictions. Grant did not like his tactics . He treated the citizens of Jackson, Tn horrible. Nathan Forrest swore revenge on what he considered wartime atrocities. Even after death, he was so hated that folks would ride across his grave on horseback and spit on his grave.  
Stephen Burbridge known as the "Butcher". The Kitty Justice is I have run out of room. 

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Purple Heart

 These are  before and after photos taken of the proliferate Purple Heart plants. See how much they have grown this year. 
Sometime next month or early October, I will take these 3 pots inside for the winter. When I take them outside next year. I will cut each plant back and root the cuttings. I have a fine patch out front from the cuttings I have taken over the years. The great part it is a wonderful ground cover and comes back year after year. 
The first time I saw this plant was in Austin, Texas and it was used as a ground cover and then when I became a resident on the hill, my MIL had just 2 pots and she had never used it as ground cover. 
The Kitty Justice is to have at least one Purple Heart. 

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Elisha Gray

 Elisha Gray is not as well known as Alexander Bell but should be. I read with interest the article by Frank Daniels III , "Elisha Gray sparked communication revolution". 
The above book explores the battle of who actually invented the telephone.  I have not read the book but Mr. Daniels alluded to it in his article. 
Who got credit for inventing the telephone? Have you always heard it was Alexander Graham  Bell. After consuming the article, I went in search of more INFO on the internet. Ah, what a wonderful tool for those of us who crave facts, history and fiction. 
Elisha Gray was born on a farm near Barnesville, Ohio on August 2, 1835. Evenson wrote that Gray built his first telegraph when he was 10 or 11. Gray developed a string of inventions, including a telegraph repeater and a printer, that brought him to the attention of Western Union's General superintendent, Anson Stager. In 1869 he bought into an electrical shop and Stager wanted to invest but only if the company was moved to Chicago. The plant was spared by the great Chicago fire in 1871 and later the next year the plant was sold and renamed Western Electric Manufacturing Co which eventually became the main supplier to Bell's telephone company. In 1926 Western Electric spun off its distribution business and named the new entity after its founders, Graybar Electric Company.  This has nothing to do with the controversy but I thought it was good reading. 
What happen on February 14, 1876? First, in the morning of that day, Mr. Gray delivered a caveat, a preliminary version of the patent and it was placed in an inbox by a clerk. Secondly, the attorneys for Mr. Bell came to the same office and INSISTED that the intake clerk deliver their patent application  to the patent examination officer. This made Mr. Bell's application on that day to be recorded as the fifth patent of the day and Mr. Grays is recorded as 39th. 
Interesting fact, in Bell's 1876 US Patent 174,465, was claim 4, a method of producing variable electrical current in a circuit by varying the resistance in the circuit. This feature WAS NOT SHOWN IN ANY OF BELL'S PATENT DRAWINGS but WAS SHOWN in Elisha Gray's drawings in his caveat filed the same day. (SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING WAS ROTTEN AT THE PATENT OFFICE)
Reading further, I found out that one of the attorneys, one Marcellus Bailey was a Civil War Army companion of the Patent Examiner, Zenus Wilbur. Mr. Wilbur was an alcoholic and owed Mr. Bailey MONEY. 
On March 10, 1976, using Gray's water microphone design, Mr. Bell uttered the famous "Mr Watson--come here---I want to see you."
The Kitty Justice is I believe, Gray was robbed by greedy attorneys and corrupt patent examiner and Bell's wish for fame. 
BTW There is more to Elsha Gray's story but you will have to read it yourself. I wish to thank Frank Daniels III for his article and Wikipedia for the facts given in this post. 
Another Kitty Justice is if something is repeated enough does it make it true. Best look closer at all history and statements to see if they are true history or myth. Now did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone as we were taught?

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Nathan B Forrest

 Prince is a descendant of a Confederate veteran, please refer to Thomas B Wilson post on August 26, 2007. Grandpa Hurt was also a Confederate but Adrian V Lindsley, postmaster of Nashville, son of Phillip Lindsley,  was a union sympathier. So we have history on both sides. You  can get the bi monthly magazine by sending $26.00 to Confederate Veteran P. O. Box 59, Columbia, TN. 38402-0059. Since I love history this magazine is right up Kitty's alley.
 This is the photo that accompanied the article. Nathan B. Forrest was a handsome man of his time. His military tactics were outstanding and others did not like him for his actions. The article was written by Dr. Michael R. Bradley. Please see photo below and his bio. If you enlarge the photo you can see the books he has written, etc.
Most folks know Nathan as a slave trader, Confederate hero, Fort Pillow Massacre and Ku Klux Klan.
After reading facts not fiction , Dr. Bradley explains everything in detail, you realize that you have been miss informed by historians. There is NO documented proof that Nathan was every in the Klan much less the founder of the Klan. Also the massacre was a political propaganda for the North.

Monday, August 05, 2013

August Green

I took this photo on the first of August during one of my little walks to get exercise. We awoke to a fog you could cut with a knife or rather you felt like you were lost in London. Anyway, according to folk lore, the number of fogs you have in August is suppose to be the number of snows you get during the coming winter. 
The Kitty Justice is Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow. 

Sunday, August 04, 2013

My ole New friend

This is the brace that I had to wear after my back fusion in 97. At Prince's suggestion, I brought her back out and I wear her when I am up but only if I am in PAIN. Why you say? It keeps me from bending my back and hurting myself more. 
It I can tolerate the pain or take enough of my second new friend, then I do not wear it because I do not wish to become depend. 
The Kitty Justice is I am happy I did not toss the damn thing.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

My two new friends

I have been using Max Freeze for awhile but not daily but now it is as part of my regular routine as anything else. Mainly when I awake and when I go to bed at night, I introduce the part of me that is not feeling well to Max. 
My second new friend is Bayer Back and Body with 500 mg aspirin and 32 ? of caffeine ( do not have the bottle here at the computer and I refuse to move as playing statue is best)
Why aspirin and not something else? The American Indians were using willow bark before the white man arrived on these shores. Proven to help for a LONG time. 
Yes there are side effects but anything you pop in your mouth if you look closely have side effects. 
The Kitty Justice if the powers that be could they would make aspirin only available by prescription. 

Friday, August 02, 2013

First Chow and Bedspread

This is Ming one of the first Chow Chow that I loved. She was a tiny ball of fur when I first saw her and loved to run around in circles in the apartment. Chow Chows were easy to house train, all you had to do was put them up on your bed and take them out first thing in the morning.  But alas, this is not about my Chows but about the bed spread. I made this red and black bed spread in the 70's and after I no longer used it, Mother kept it on her bed. After Dad died it came back to live in my house once more. It is currently in the cedar closet downstairs. I am thinking about getting it out and putting it on our bed. 
The Kitty Justice is  will it  work or should I buy a  coverlet with exotic birds?

Thursday, August 01, 2013


 Chris Froome the winner of the Tour de France.
 Some of the Riders.
 CF again going so fast that my camera could not focus.
I think this is Mobistar team member Richie Porte. I may have misspelled the names and if so I will apologize now.
 Quintana winning a leg.
 The scenery was FANTASTIC.
Same bike that Puppy rides. NBC Sports channel did a wonderful job and I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU , THANK YOU to them. I have been singing the South African song Impi. Real catchy.
I miss being able to try to say words like Phil L. and hearing Bob R's commentary.The funnies thing that happen was when my MIL asked what a Pee Lotion was? Her way of saying Peloton .
The Kitty Justice is I am having Tour De France withdrawals. Does this affect anyone else out there?