Friday, August 09, 2013

Back to the WAR part one

 J B Turchin was known for the "Sack of Athens" May 2, 1862. He was court martial for this action with a long list of grievances and he was found guilt by the military court. However, ole Abe Lincoln had the judgement set aside and then to add insult to injury, he promoted him from Colonel to Brigadier General. 
 Robert Milroy conducted such harsh treatment of Winchester citizens were so atrocity that even many pro-Unionist changed their sympathies. 
 Eleazer Paine was formally reprimanded for brutality toward civilians and their civil rights while commanding troops in western Kentucky. He was headquartered in Gallatin, Tn. where his reputation for stealing from civilians grew and people of the area referred to him as "Our King" or "Tempest" Executions were common place typically without the benefit of trial or legal counsel. 
Fielding Hurst was from East Tennessee and a Union thug without any restrictions. Grant did not like his tactics . He treated the citizens of Jackson, Tn horrible. Nathan Forrest swore revenge on what he considered wartime atrocities. Even after death, he was so hated that folks would ride across his grave on horseback and spit on his grave.  
Stephen Burbridge known as the "Butcher". The Kitty Justice is I have run out of room. 


Lee said...

It's so easy to become lost in the many, many stories of our's so interesting.

I loved history when I was at school...and those days are so long ago...they're part of history now, too!

Lady Di Tn said...

I too love history in school and I still do. Any yesterday is history.Peace