Wednesday, August 28, 2013


This is what we use to call "Sewing Club Food". My MIL is an original member of the club which was started before her oldest child was born. The late 1940's. Puppy came home from the hospital in one of the little gowns that Mimi sewed for baby Bep (MSL). Anyway, these ladies would meet have lunch and sew every three weeks. Later in the 90's it was once a month. Eventually, each lady at a certain dish that was expected of them for the luncheon. This one was served by Mrs. Harriett Caldwell. There are only three ladies left of the famed Sewing Club.  Bep fixed the salad for dinner one night and then we had enough for lunch for us three ladies.
The recipe comes from Sadie LeSueur's "Recipes and Party Plans written in 1955. Mimi's copy is well worn  and held together with masking tape.
First you need to boil and stuff one egg per plate and make the Russian Dressing which is on page 226 of the book.

2 cups of Mayonnaise
1/2 onion, minced fine
1Tbsp bell pepper, minced fine
1 cup finely chopped celery
1/2 tsp of curry powder (optional)
1/2 cup tomato catsup or chill sauce
We prefer less curry powder and chill sauce. Instead of mincing , Bep used the food processor. I think it is better minced if you have the time. Combine all the ingredients and chill overnight before the luncheon.


Spread a slice of Reese's Holland Rusk with Philadelphia Onion and Chives Cream Cheese (it calls for anchovy paste). Cover with a thin slice of baked ham. Over this put a slice of cooked chicken breast; cover with a large slice of tomato; sprinkle tomato with salt; put 2 halves of stuffed eggs on tomato, flat side down. Over all of this pour a generous portion of the Russian Dressing. Completely cover salad. On top of salad put an opened artichoke heart or large stuffed olive, flanked on either side by tiny whole sardines. Serve this salad on shredded lettuce and  you can have a complete meal. When planning for a small group, you can buy a large chicken breast and several slices of baked or boiled ham from your butcher. Frizzle this type of ham in butter before using: broil and slice chicken breast.

The salad we ate, did not have cooked chicken breast, artichoke hearts, olives or sardines. We topped ours with fresh parsley and at the dinner serving, we had sliced avocados. Also, we bought from the deli department the boiled ham and baked turkey not chicken. Since I gave up wheat I had a wheat free white cheddar corn cake instead of Holland rusk. I was gonna put a photo of the rusk on the post but could not get it to come up. Just Google Reese's Holland Rusk to view the package as it is not sold in all stores even in the South.

The Kitty Justice is it is a great luncheon meal and even great for dinner. Enjoy


Lee said...

It's a pity I've just had my lunch! :)

Lady Di Tn said...

I hope you get to try it soon. Peace

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

"Kitty Justice" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks Jerry. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

The Sewing Club---what an interesting story about the club and to think that it is still going.
Does this mean you are better and you got to get out and do something----even visiting and eating.
thanks for the recipes.
Bob's daughter told me she had a really old cookbook that she liked using. Drum roll--1987!! I had to stifle my chuckle---my best cookbook is one I got--saved gold stamps for and it is 1956 Betty Crocker edition. Now that's old! I was still in High School but I still have the old tattered and torn book and it is the BEST!! I do have several of my Mother's from the 30's and 40's too. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Unfortunately, it is rare for the 3 surviving members to get together anymore. When Bep comes we have had a yearly get together but we lost one of the most active last year. Who would have thought she would go before some who have had other issues. Anyway, I have not really ventured out but plan to go on a little ride later today as I need to get back to it. You can always tell which cookbooks are the favorite because, they are very worn at least in this household. Peace