Saturday, August 03, 2013

My two new friends

I have been using Max Freeze for awhile but not daily but now it is as part of my regular routine as anything else. Mainly when I awake and when I go to bed at night, I introduce the part of me that is not feeling well to Max. 
My second new friend is Bayer Back and Body with 500 mg aspirin and 32 ? of caffeine ( do not have the bottle here at the computer and I refuse to move as playing statue is best)
Why aspirin and not something else? The American Indians were using willow bark before the white man arrived on these shores. Proven to help for a LONG time. 
Yes there are side effects but anything you pop in your mouth if you look closely have side effects. 
The Kitty Justice if the powers that be could they would make aspirin only available by prescription. 


Jackie said...

I believe in aspirin.
It saved my Mama's life before she had her open heart surgery.

Small City Scenes said...

I used to use a product called '
Bio-Freeze' it worked pretty well. Aspirin should work pretty well too. Why does ones back have to be so contrary? MB

DUTA said...

The word 'Freeze' implies that the gel gives one a sort of icy feeling. I'm usually more helped by cold than by warmth whenever I have some kind of muscular pain. So, I would probably want to have something like it in my cabinet.

Aspirin has always been perceived as a wonder medicine when it comes to pain alleviation; however it is known as a blood thinner and therefore its use requires caution.
Anyway, feel better soon!

Lady Di Tn said...

It is an old and tried pain reliever and yes it can save lives, glad your Mom had some on hand. Peace

I think it is the same kind of stuff as Bio Freeze because Bio came out first. I trust aspirin over any other product not as many side effects. You have just asked the 64 million dollar question. Again, this Sunday I feel much better than I have most of the week. My job next week is to pester the doctor daily until someone gives me a response. Peace

The therapist that I went too before and after the 90's surgeries, thought cold was much better than heat. I try not to take the aspirin unless I really need it because if I can tolerate the pain it is best to go on with it. Also, I never ever take the aspirin on an empty stomach so I may put on a few pounds but that is better than having another problem. Peace

Lee said...

I heard a bottle of Scotch works, too! ;)

Lady Di Tn said...

Never cared for Scotch but I do like TN whiskey (Jack Daniels) Peace