Friday, October 11, 2013

 Fall is trying to appear in Tennessee so I have pulled out some decorations that can be for October and November. This one is the center piece of the dining room table. 
 On the side table, under the cake dome, I have put a piece of artwork by Donna Rizzo. You can see more of her work at I placed a little bird with real blue bird tail feathers(the bird hit our windows and died) in the ladies arms. 
 I got the big leave section platter as a gift and I found the Angels at our local Dollar Tree. I put these on our sideboard. 
Prince brought me the plant which loves this section of the dinning room so I added an orange bow and placed a little orange bird from our trip to Mobile. 
Out in the hallway, a brass shell (which I found at the This N That Thrift Store) I filled with turkey feathers that Prince has found on the farm. Mz Kay on Duck Dynasty said Phil has always brought her turtles, well Prince always brings me feathers he finds. 
I also changed the candles (all 12 of them) to a off white. 
The Kitty Justice is that I do not have to decorate again until it is time for Christmas. Have yawl done any shopping yet?  


Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, How are you? How's the back? Hope you are doing much better!!!!

Love your Fall Decorations. I have out some --but don't have too many --like I do at Christmas.

Have a great weekend.

Jackie said...

You live in a beautiful area of of country!! Fall is here in abundance, and your decorations are simply lovely!!

Lee said...

What is scary, Lady Di is that very soon you will be doing all your Christmas decorations again...when it only seems a month or two ago that you were doing so!

This years has flown by...far too quickly!

Enjoy your weekend. :)

Lady Di Tn said...

Some days are better than others but I am holding onto that last injection until I really really really need it. I probably will not put out as much as I usually do on Christmas. I remember I have to pack it back up before New Years. I can still hear Mother's voice "You got to get those decorations down before New Years Day otherwise you will have a year of bad luck." LOL I think she was just trying to get us girls to pack it up. Peace

Thanks and the trees are just beginning to turn colors here in the middle of TN. Peace

I know you are correct and I can agree that the older I get the faster time goes. Now how is that possible since a minute is still a minute and a year still 365 days. Peace