Sunday, December 01, 2013

2012 same in 2013

This is last years photo of the cabin but it looks the same this year. I spent most of Friday and Saturday outside decorating. Since Thanksgiving was later in the year and thus giving us just three weeks before Christmas, well I am not putting out as much stuff. Because number one, if I put it out then I have to put it away. 
Yesterday, I decorated a little upstairs but alas Christmas will only be had in four rooms this year. I may not put out any of the cloth decorations but stick with the glass and rock. 
I also made the first batch of fruit cakes. It was after eleven when they got done last night. I will make one more batch which will give me 12 cakes to either give away or stick into the freezer. Mimi is famous for her fruitcakes but this year she was the supervisor only. Oh, she did prepare the pans for me. After, Prince started to help me stir, he indicated it was so much work, he would be hard pressed to give any away. I try not to give them to folks who do not appreciate them. 
My friend Cat's husband Frank refers to it as THE FRUIT CAKE. Also, my friend Rick has asked to remain on the fruit cake list as I was telling Pammie Pooh that those who did not appreciate them got marked off my list. 
The Kitty Justice is I like to give homemade gifts because I am giving them a little of the ole kitty and besides anyone can go out and buy something. But a hand or home made gift is precious as it comes from some one's most precious commodity, their TIME. 


Patty said...

That's exactly how I feel. One year Mom made the grown girls, dish soap aprons for the container and also a bag of home made noodles. Dad about had a fit and told her not to do that again. I guess he doesn't realize how much her noodles meant to all of us that got them. I told her not to pay any attention to him, I loved mine, both gifts. I also love fruit cakes, I've convinced Abe how good they are. I use to get one every year from a place in Texas, that came in a metal can, started getting them when I baby sit with this baby nine months old, until she went to Kindergarten, then our one daughter started ordering them for us. Some of these cheap ones you see in some stores, are just that, they are cheap because they don't use the best fruit and nuts and/or enough of them. Happy Baking, by the way, we have a tree ups, only because the youngest daughter and Granddaughter are living with us. I hate putting away items more then I hate getting everything out. On daughter said we should have an extra room, we only open at Christmas and it's always decorated. Sounds good to me. LOL

Jackie said...

Making a fruit cake is an act of love, to me. A lovely and tasty gift that you are sharing....

Changes in the wind said...

Homemade gifts are indeed special and if you are able to find something that others enjoy it is a win, win.

Lady Di Tn said...

I guess that is why my best friend never takes her trees or decorations down. It is Christmas all year round at her home. We will not get our tree since the guys like a cut tree until next weekend. Those home made gifts sound great. Mother always made something for us each Christmas and now they mean more than she will ever know. Peace

I do not skim on any ingredients and I use Jack Daniels. As our cousin use to say "no self respecting fruit cake would be made without whiskey". So needless to say mine are very self respecting. Peace

Yes it is a win win and if it is some kind of food item, they do not have to dust it, display it or wear it, just scarf it down and enjoy. At least that is how I feel. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Love any fruitcake with good old JD as an ingredient. haha No I do like a good fruitcake.
My computer is fine now and we are home. Look through all your posts I missed---very good.
I never knew a Grandpa and my Daddy died when I was young so not too many menfolk in my life. My older brother tried----he was a winner and died young too.
We bought a living tree last week and first I will decorate the house before we put the tree in the house.
Happy December to you and soon we all will have a very Merry Christmas.

Lee said...

You are to be commended for your decorating, Lady Di. You do it so wonderfully.

I made two large Christmas cakes earlier this week. I've been comatose from the rum fumes ever since!

I also made a pile of mini-quiches, sausage rolls and palmiers...that are sitting in my freezer until needed for a pre-Christmas party at the home of friends at the end of next week.

I'm going to make some hazelnut-chocolate balls along with some Cherry Ripe balls or perhaps a cherry slice instead...yet to make a final decision on that one!

Lady Di Tn said...

So glad to hear you like a good fruitcake. I just cut up the fruit for the next batch of six cakes to bake tomorrow if we still have power. They are predicting ICE storm. Give me a knee deep snow any day over ice. Prince has gas and the generator ready. I am sorry to hear that you did not know a Grandpa as they are the most special especially mine was. I was not around my Father's Dad very much. Yawl have a great December and yes we will be having Merry Christmas SOON. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

Sounds like I need to book my flight. Yummy. I would stick with the hazelnut-chocolate balls. Just make twice as many because I plan to be there for my half. Peace