Monday, December 09, 2013

Flowers from Martins

 When we were in Murfreesboro, we went to Martins and picked up Poinsettias. Prince took a big one like the one above over to our wonderful neighbors. I prefer the red color as it looks more like Christmas. 
I put the above plant in my kitchen window. I saw one like it and almost got it a year ago at a local store but Martins had these in all sizes. I like to watch things grow so I got a small one. Maybe Mary Beth can tell me the name as it did not come with a name tag just a tag to advise how to care for it. 
The Kitty Justice is the house is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 


Jackie said...

Beautiful red....and your new green plant is lovely, too.
It is looking a lot like Christmas!

mississippi artist said...

I always think of when we lived in Florida and the poinsettias grew outside and up to the roofline.

Lee said...

Poinsettias...are so simple and yet so beautiful. We have some growing here on this property. I must pick a couple of the blooms for Christmas Day...closer to the Day, of course!

Small City Scenes said...

Pretty plants, missy.
Why would I know the name--it does look familiar but I have to look in my book first.
I am back on line thank goodness.
I scrolled through your blog and saw many beautiful things a fun times you have had.
Keep up the JOY!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and it does. Peace

Wow you need to put some photos of those on the blog if you happen to have any. Peace

Poinsettias growing outdoors only happens in the spring when I sit the ones I got for Christmas outside. Peace

I thought since back behind the mayo of my brain, you said you would have liked to been a plant person and have told us about lots of different plants, therefore, I have crowned you as Mistress of Plant Knowledge. Glad to have you back. Peace