Monday, December 30, 2013

Moe is gone

The last time I saw my darling Moe was on December 14th. I normally did not give it too much notice because he has always taken two or three days away from home and then like clockwork returns in the morning sitting in my front windows awaiting a can of his favorite food. 
Prince and I went around the neighbors and asked if they had seen him after he had been gone a week. No one had seen my kitty. 
I told my sister that all I wanted for Christmas was a Christmas Miracle in the form of my black and white kitty. Christmas came and no miracle happen as Moe still was not here. 
After two weeks, I have to think something foul has happen to him or else he was sick and just went off to die. There is not a beautiful cat sticking his head out of the cube, it is just a dark empty hole just like the one in my heart. 
The Kitty Justice is he was a Walk On cat and now he has walked off. RIP 


Jackie said...

Oh...I'm so sorry to hear that he has gone. BUT...don't give up on him quite yet. Our friend's cat (who, like yours) would always return, didn't....and they thought he was gone forever. He showed up. :))
So, prayers for his safe return.
Hugs to you,

Lee said...

Oh...that's so sad, Lady Di. I do hope Moe is okay and he returns soon. Perhaps he was invited to visit friends over Christmas and he'll be back for the New Year.

I'd be devastated if my two went missing. They're mostly indoor cats and only go out for a very brief time each morning before they're back inside again.

How old is he?

I hope he walks through your door right on midnight...New Year's Eve. May 2014 be very kind to you...and to Moe. Best wishes.

Small City Scenes said...

Oh Moe--where for art thou?
So sorry about your Kitty but let us hope he walked on painlessly.

Changes in the wind said...

So is so hard to lose our beloved pets.

mississippi artist said...

Moe looks like my darling George that walked off nine years ago. I will always miss him, but like yours, I am sure he knew "his people" loved him.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thank all for your concerns but in my heart I feel he is in Kitty Heaven. He knew he was loved. Peace