Friday, December 06, 2013

Party On

 The Art Ventures Christmas Party was held at The Factory in Franklin. From left to right is Jingles, Lady X and Barbie. Each artist brings a wrapped original piece of artwork and we play a dirty Santa game after our lunch. The artwork can be stolen three times and then it is retired. Barbie stole mine for the third time. Jingles had it first. Bless her heart she said it might be her only tree this year and Barbie took it. 
 Bunny (one of the hostess for December) is holding the painting done by Jingles. The one below is a watercolor by Lady X.(She is a new member and her nickname may change as I get to know her) She is to be my new partner for the month of July. 

 The above painting was done by Barbie and below is a closer look at mine. 
The kitty justice is we have a fun time and get a nice piece of art to hang on our walls. 


Lee said...

Hmmmmmm....a "dirty Santa game" you've raised my curiosity level to an all-time high!!!

Lady Di Tn said...

LOL you do have a run away imagination. I am sure you have played the game somewhere along the lines. Peace