Thursday, December 05, 2013

Party Party

The Four Seasons Garden Club had their Christmas party this week. I was responsible for the games and I chose Bingo. We played last year with Christmas bingo cards so this year I used only letters and numbers.There was some confusion with the Christmas ones.  Anyway, Mimi won the first game and her prize was this adorable little watering can ornament from Poland. We played two more games and the caterer was tapping her foot as the lunch was later than she had anticipated. Thus the ham souffle fell. But none of us ladies cared and it still tasted good. Besides we were having FUN. 
Our youngest member who is a granddaughter of one of the 94 year old ladies was in charge of the organization of the party and she did a wonderful job. 
As I said all I had to do was show up, help serve the wine and provide the games. I have the little wheel for next year if the club continues. We have lost several members to the garden in the sky and others are not healthy enough to participate. A total of four would be the ones who would be healthy and young enough to do the work for the meetings. I for one am not in for doing all the work. 
The member who schedules the party room at her residence will be moving next year and there goes one of our regular place to meet and the other one is expensive and not very convenient for those who have to use walkers or canes.(which is the majority) For the last two years, the same member has also given everyone a lottery card. One lady can redeem hers for another card and I won not one but two dollars.
The Kitty Justice is the Four Seasons Garden Club may turn to weeds in the wind next year. 
It was fun while it lasted.  


Changes in the wind said...

It is sad that things can't stay the same but with us all getting older they do tend to change on us.

Lady Di Tn said...

Maybe when we retire the name some young ladies will pick it up and start having fun. Peace

Lee said...

What a great watering can!

Lady Di Tn said...

Puppy and I decorated the tree yesterday, Wed. and put the ornament near the top of the tree. Peace