Friday, January 03, 2014

here we are

Christmas 2013 has come and gone and New Years followed close behind. I hope that yawl had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Prince's last day of vacation was spent playing in the yard. He has been off for about two weeks and it was great having him around the house. We did lots of little things together which was so much fun for us ole folks. The first around here was sunny and warm but the second was very windy with an occasional snow shower. Then the bottom fell out last  night and we awoke to 13 degrees with a wind chill factor of 5 degrees. Today was the first sun rise we witness. It was pretty but not anything as spectacular as others we have had however it sure was pretty to us. The Tennessee hills were a true blue and the ones in the distances still have a blue hue. Maggie did not linger outside due to the temperature. Puppy came up yesterday and built a fire downstairs because I can no longer wrestle the back logs on the grate. I can keep it going but alas putting a back log on is a thing of the past. Yes, I am gonna try to be more like Clint Eastwood this year and know my limitations. Gotta stay upright. I figure I will get another outside kitty when the weather gets a little warmer. Moe never wanted to be shut inside so maybe the next one will like to sleep in the garage. If by accident Moe got shut in the garage his eyes would get bigger than saucers and he would climb up on top of the car trying to figure how to get out the windows. Therefore we always checked before the garage door came down at night because we did not wish to terrorize Mr. Moe. If we get another male cat, I plan to keep the Stooges theme and name him Larry. 
Since I have been spending time with Prince the computer has been very idyll and I did not send out my New Year cards. 
The Kitty Justice is to wish yawl a Happy New Year and hope 2014 will not be one we wish to forget.   


Jackie said... sounds like you had a peaceful and lovely time with your Prince.
And....I smile when I read about the "backlog" 'cause I'm wondering how many people even now what that is. I do....and I am thankful that Puppy helps out in that regard.
Your area of this country is one of my very favorite ones. God's country. Yes, it is.
Spending time with your Prince and your Puppy is what life is all about. Enjoy....and thank you for the New Year's wish. May yours be blessed.
Love to you,

Changes in the wind said...

Hope you will get another cat and that your New year will be a good one:)

Small City Scenes said...

Well it does sound like joyful and peaceful times on the Hill
--(except for the poor Moe part). Nice to see you back on the computer but yes keep moving to keep that back well oiled. LOL
We have been having nice sunny weather--in the 40s although this morning it is in the upper 20s but very sunny so seems like Spring.
Happy New Year. MB

Lee said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Moe hasn't come back, Lady Di.

I love my two furry mates very much and I would be devastated. These two are indoor cats and they only go out for a very brief time each morning; and some mornings not at all.

They'd think the world had come to an end if they were kept outside; and they'd tell me, loudly and continuously, of their displeasure! ;)

Lady Di Tn said...

We do enjoy our time together even if it is silent. Nothing like having the love of your life hanging around the home place. I had to LOL at your comment. Sometimes this Southern just rattles on and never explains terminology unless requested. Same to you dear girl. Peace

I already have the mind set that I will have another kitty but I plan to wait for warmer weather. Peace

It has been winter weather here but sunshine and cold of late. Tonight we are suppose to take a deep freeze plunge. Peace

I am sure Moe is in Kitty Heaven and I really never had an indoor cat. My sister has and Mimi has but mine have always been outside. Moe's biggest fear was being shut in and I think that was his down fall. But when you get a walk on you just have to let him have his on quirks. Peace