Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Birthday

 On the Second Sunday of the year, I have been blessed with a wonderful sun shine day. Prince and I are just gonna spend the day together. That is what I asked for my day. 

 Puppy brought me these flowers this morning to brighten my day and I can plant them outside to enjoy for years to come. He also went to the store early this morning and picked up some different items to make me a special birthday breakfast. I have opened his other present, coffee,  and shared it with the family this morning. Yes I drank more than my usual two cups but hey it is my DAY. Sorry no photos of the breakfast plate but it was colorful and looked very beautiful but alas, I ate it before it got cold. 
I save all my birthday cards and while I have my first cup of coffee, I open them to read. Some are funny and others are heart felt feelings. 
Hopefully, I can spend my day resting and doing whatever I please. 
The main reason I say this is because my dear little brother has been very sick and spent most of last week in ICU with congestive heart failure. He is not out of the woods but looked much better yesterday when I visited him AND was moved out of ICU.  I had told him all I wanted for my birthday from him was him to get better and so far he has listened to his big sissy. 
The Kitty Justice is for a another year with family and friends. Thanks to all who make my world special. 
BTW Please add brother, Sam to your prayers as that can be your present to me. Thanks


DUTA said...

Happy Birthday to you, and Quick Recovery to your brother!!

Lee said...

A very Happy Birthday to you, Lady Di. I hope you get your birthday wish. I hope your brother is on the road to recovery; and very soon will be back to his healthiest best. That sounds like a pretty good birthday present to my way of thinking.

All the best. :)

Jackie said...

Consider it done!
Sam is on my prayer list.
My Mother has congestive heart failure, and she will be 83 this year. When the doctor's first told her that she had it, they didn't seem very hopeful. They just didn't know my Mama!! To Sam: continue to watch your sodium intake. Stick to that diet...even though it may be yucky to give up all that stick to it, Sam. There are so many more wonderful things in our diets that we CAN have that don't include salt, and smiling and thinking of all the wonderful things that you can do and WILL do will help you, too. My prayers are with you, Sam.
Thank you, Lady Di, for letting us know that we could pray for him.
Happy Birthday, sweet friend.

Changes in the wind said...

Happy Birthday!! Nothing like getting what you want to make for a great day:)

Lady Di Tn said...

Thank you and Peace.

Thanks for the wishes and maybe today something will be done as he goes to the Cath Lab. Peace

Thanks for the prayers for my little brother, I know he is a grown man but he will always be little brother to me. Peace

It was a total wonderful day and yes I got to do everything I wished to do which was mostly nothing except hang with my Prince. My son not only made breakfast but made dinner for me too. I felt like Queen for a Day. OOPs showing my age as many will not remember that show on tv. Peace