Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Zero day

Yesterday and today, Maggie will lay in the sunshine because it was five degrees yesterday and today it hit zero. Burrrrrrrr I think I will heed her warning and stay inside and go stand in the sunshine with her. 
Maggie gave me a frightful scare yesterday when I let her out to get the paper. Prince had backed it halfway up the hill but she was so excited she ran to the road looking for it. Now I was not prepared to stay outside as I was in my PJ's and Hot Pink robe with a hood, But when she bypass the well house and went to the road, I yelled for her to come back. Did not happen. She was at the bottom of the drive searching for a paper that was a fourth of the way up the drive. She would head to the road and car horns would honk and then she would search the side of road where the mail box stands. Then she would head back to the road way. I started frantic yelling,clapping my hands and running(okay a real fast walk) down the yard. Each time a car horn would honk, my heart would head for my throat. I know it was a sight, a big black dog on the road and this HUGE hot pink apparition running frantically down the hill. She finally grasped that she was to come back without the paper. When Prince called, he said he had picked it up with his gloves on so it probably masked his smell. I proceeded to put everything I owned on to keep me warm  and then I accompanied her down to get the paper. Did not have to do any exercise to get my heart rate up, yesterday. Dog on the road was enough. 
Today it was 0.9 when I got up and yes it was still dark. I thought since it was so cold, I would just let her out to do her morning ritual. Next thing I know she is off down the hill and back as a flash with paper in her mouth. 
I have trained her to Wait until I tell her to GO get the paper but I guess she figured it was too cold for those commands. 
The Kitty Justice is she really just wanted to get the job done so she could get back in the warm house. 


Jackie said...

I'm amazed you have a paper-fetching dog! You go girl!
I'm soooo glad that nothing happened to Maggie. I know that your heart was in your throat until she came back to you.
I did smile as I had a mental picture of Maggie romping through the snow and you and your pink robe frantically trying to get her to return. Thanks for the visual that brought a smile to my heart.
Warm hugs to you, my friend.

Lady Di Tn said...

I trained her when she was 3 months old and that is her daily job. It helps since the driveway is over a tenth of a mile. She was determined to do her job which made her search for it on the road. Did not have to do any cardio that day. Glad to make you smile. I am sure we were a sight. We are suppose to get above freezing around three this afternoon. It will feel like a heat wave. Peace

Changes in the wind said...

Oh my goodness...what excitement...Wished it was all on tape since it had a happy ending.

Lee said...

Oh! Dear! I would have been frantic, too.

Keep warm, Miss Kitty...from all the reports we're getting here of what's transpiring up your way...brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Lady Di Tn said...

Could have made the Funniest Video show and won. Peace

Today 1-9-14, I awoke to 32 degrees. Heat wave!!!! We are heading back up to the fifties. Can you hear me sing? Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Oh dear what cold cold weather. Poor Maggie she was just trying to do her job. But what a sight to see. LOL I would have loved to been a wee mousie watching all the panic.
Love the picture of the lake and the blue sky. We are having mild weather rainy/some sun kind of days.
Take care

Lady Di Tn said...

If you had been a wee mouse you probably would have ran for cover with this frantic hot pink sail coming your way. All well that ends well. Whew, made this kitty's heart race. Peace