Friday, February 28, 2014


K-9 Gunner was born January 13, 2007 in Germany He is said he loves to sing along with all sirens. 
 Gunner and his partner, Cpl Debbie Rogers. She was a delightful speaker and very knowledgeable about the K-9 partners which she tried to share with we ladies of the Woman's Club of Nashville. 
 Gunner is very astute and watches her partner for commands. Otherwise, much to my surprise he is a lovable and fun dog. 
 Here he is with a training arm pad. He was much too fast to get any action shots. If an officer told me she had a dog and I had committed a crime, I would come out hands held high. 
Debbie had put three back packs on the ground with the towel in one and Gunner was fast to find the offending towel. Again, look how he is watching her. 
The Kitty Justice is I have more respect and love for the K-9 officers and their partners. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Power line and sunrise

This weekend Prince and I tackled power line clean up. Our local Nashville Electric Service comes YEARS apart to clean the ride away of the power line leading to our home. The reason IT IS HARD TO CLIMB THE HILL AND IT IS HARD WORK. To hasten their clean up, they just cut it down and let it lay. Thus, preventing an easy cutting process. These horrible trees (Sumac) take over in droves. Some were in danger of hitting the power line. I had loppers in hand and Prince had a old weed eater with a regular saw blade which made it one more brier cutting tool. It would take about 3 passes to cut the small trees. We worked Saturday afternoon and most of the day Sunday. When the sun would go down the wind would pick up and I was ready to head to the house but Prince wanted to do a few more sections. I cut vines up and around the small trees that were gonna stay standing and I did very little of that because when I felt the back getting weak I stopped. I do like being upright and a woman has to know her limitations. Therefore, I became the cheering section and would fetch water and sit on the four wheeler watching our neighbors go in and out of their drive and the other neighbors riding their horses. It was a pretty sight to see those pretty horses and then the turkeys came over to peek at us to see what these 2 legged animals were  doing. Prince likes about a 12 foot section on the very bottom and then we want to get all the debris up so it can be easily mowed. NES has crews they pay to clear out the lines but again they just cut and leave: plus, since the CEO has had a 51 percent raise increase the last 5 years (Yes I typed that correctly) I guess clearing the lines was not affordable. 
We had beautiful weather here this weekend so here is a look at the sun rise the last Sunday in February. It looks like a giant hand fan. You think the Angels may have been hot?
The Kitty Justice is I would like to be a CEO of NES for a day as that would be more than I and probably others make in a year. Didn't get that wrong either. 
The Nashville people are being ripped off. Our local Channel Four News presented the facts on the evening news yesterday. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sky and Highs

The wind this morning is moving the clouds at a rapid clip. We are suppose to get in the 70's today. The record of this day was 78 degrees forgot when. When the cold front arrives this evening around six pm, well that warm air can only cause bad things to happen. No tornado has been predicted but straight line winds of 60 or more miles an hour have been put in the forecast.
The Kitty Justice is that the bad weather flies by as quick as these clouds.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Looks like

This photo was taken 1-29-14 but it looks a lot like today. The sun is out and we are to be high in the sixties which will be the first time we have gotten this warm since the middle of December and I am quoting our local weather guy, Paul Heagan. 
This is my third week of the effects of the flu. Still coughing but not as much however, my chest is saying enough already,  and my head feels like a bunch of nut eating squirrels are living inside. I have avoided the doctor but might have to call since I do believe it has turned into one of those wonderful pounding sinus infections. Drats I am really tired of being sick. 
Yesterday I spent the day at adding stories and old photos I had found in those boxes I told yawl about. 
Also, yesterday, Puppy helped me take Moe to the vets. Since he had run off for 2 months, I had been encouraged to have him fixed so he would stay close to home. By taking him to be fixed well, I guess we saved his life. He was dehydrated and constipated VERY BAD. The vet was gonna take me to task but I stopped her flat in her tracks when I told her he had been gone for TWO months and I did not know what he had been up to.  She still did not let up but said I would have to watch him more carefully and give him medicine. 
My goal when I took the fur ball to the vet was to have him neutered so he would stay home. I had no idea he was having trouble as he did not act like anything was wrong. 
The Kitty Justice is not to accuse me of cat neglect without all the facts. The She Vet may get a glance at my claws if she persist. 

Friday, February 14, 2014



Saturday, February 08, 2014

Moe has returned

Both Prince and I were downstairs by the fire and he was watching a tractor auction and I was reading a book. He went to put some wood on the fire and before he went out he looked out and saw a black and white cat. I ran outside and called his name and he shied away as he was not sure it was me but with this flu I sounded like a sexy fog horn. Finally he came to me and I noticed his back right leg something was wrong as if it was broken. He started rubbing my leg and I kept petting him. I picked him up and took him to the garage and opened a can of his food. He was starved. I went and got his cube from out front and shut the garage door. I know he does not wish to be shut in but I cannot loose him again. 
The kitty justice is I feel like I have been delivered a miracle. 

Thursday, February 06, 2014

First Throw Back Thursday in February

 Albert Harris Wilson born 2-4-1892 was the youngest son Thomas B Wilson Sr and Lucy Craigwall Wilson. Thus he is Prince's Great Uncle. He died September 22, 1958 in Nashville, Tn. From everything, I have read about him he was very humble, giving and intelligent man. He and his wife Zue Ward Wilson did not have any children. When he passed away lots of his books, papers etc were boxed up and label Uncle Albert. The house we live in  was built in 1964 so until this January those boxes had not been undisturbed .The reason I was in the basement is because I was holding the light while Prince cleaned out a drain pipe. Those boxes keep calling my name and asking me to open me, open me, open me.  I brought up lots of photos and letters and Mimi spent one afternoon reading them. I thought she would enjoy reminiscences but I found her crying at the kitchen table with all the things I had unearthed. Not what I had planned or expected. Back in that time 1958, people who knew someone would write condolence letters when the person died .( Another part of culture that has died.) So I can only assume that is the reason for the tears as she was reading how he had touched others lives and what he meant to them. Our Older cousin who was in the same generation as Prince but was closer to Mimi's age, had known him well and he said" He was the closest to being a Saint of any people he had known. " 
I found these 3 little one by two inch photos below and I was surprised by the date and what was  writing on the back by Uncle Albert.  
On the back of the first photo was written "The flag is over Hitler's headquarters in Munich 1936.
On the back of the second photo was written "Hitler's headquarters Munich 1936--we did not take him Seriously then".
On the back of the third photo was written "Hitlers headquarters Munich
-The Brown House 1936" (I wonder if it was owned by a family named Brown or if it was the color of the house and since these were tiny B&W photos I am assuming it was a name)
The Kitty Justice is who would have thought 1936 photos would be of Hitler's Headquarters which was several years before WWII.
Also the second Kitty Justice is the best intended plans to entertain can go awry.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Plane crash in Bellevue

 Yesterday                    Photo: The Nashville Fire Department district chief says the pilot made a hard-right turn and saved many lives by avoiding the YMCA building and a nearby retirement home. Our thoughts are with all those affected by this tragedy. 

Story updated as we learn more: (Photo via Linda Priddy)at\5pm
a plane crashed and kill everyone (4 people) on board at our local YWCA. 
Where the fire engines are parked is where Puppy usually parks his car. He works out in the new addition (the wall you see). 
Thanks be to God that I called him just as he was preparing to put on his tennis shoes and go work out. I need him to help with the back log for the fire as I was planning to rest before having to jump into the evening routine. As he was building the fire, I asked him if he would like to watch a movie with me, he thought for a few moments and said he was up to watch something with me. We began watching short comedies. Prince called and wanted to know if we could see the smoke from the hill as we were unaware of what had happen. It was a deary foggy day and visibility was impaired. We turned to the news and Puppy said in awe "that is where I usually part." 
The Kitty Justice is Puppy's Angel was on duty.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Food for Thought

 Sweet and Sour Shrimp for Kitty. 
 Triple Crown for Mz Bubbles and Pammie Poo's dish was very blurry therefore, no photo of her Chow Mien. 
Of course when this photo was taken all the food has either been eaten or package up to go home for a midnight snack. 
I thought it was rather funny that we all wore the same color tops, black and blue and mine had a hint of green.  
The Kitty Justice is we did not plan wearing the same colors. Great minds just think alike. 
Now for Kitty Justice's Survey ? 
Do you feel the 24/7 news desensitizes people?

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Awesome question

During Girls Day out lunch at China Cottage, Mz Bubbles posed a question after she had talked about the movie "Tuesday with Morey"(probably ms) and it really made me question who . 
If there was a place on earth you could go to call ONLY one person in Heaven, who would you wish to call? 
I immediately thought of Mother and then I wanted to pick my Pa too. 
But I could pick only one so I am still thinking about it. 
The Kitty Justice is who would you call?
BTW You think there will be a time limit?

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Church in Liberty

 On our way back from checking on the cabin at the lake, we decided to not take the Interstate but come back the old way. You still have to get off the new four lane highway to see the main street of Liberty. 
 I asked Prince to stop so I could get a good photo of the Baptist Church. Then since there was this large cemetery on the left, I had to go take a few photos because one I am fascinated with old graveyards and it was a gorgeous sunny day but very cold. 
 As I stepped inside the old iron gate, I took a photo looking right and then another looking left. 

 Then I became intrigued with the older tombstones. I think it is wonderful that these have survived old Mother Time. Makes me wonder about the time in between the dates they were born and when they died. 
One more view as I left. The front had a rock wall which I would have liked to included but my hands were getting numb at this point. 
The Kitty Justice is I would like to go back an explore plus venture inside the Church.