Sunday, February 02, 2014

Awesome question

During Girls Day out lunch at China Cottage, Mz Bubbles posed a question after she had talked about the movie "Tuesday with Morey"(probably ms) and it really made me question who . 
If there was a place on earth you could go to call ONLY one person in Heaven, who would you wish to call? 
I immediately thought of Mother and then I wanted to pick my Pa too. 
But I could pick only one so I am still thinking about it. 
The Kitty Justice is who would you call?
BTW You think there will be a time limit?


Small City Scenes said...

I don't know who I would call. One naturally thinks of parents or siblings or best friend or notable characters but who.........?

Lady Di Tn said...

It is a question to ponder for sure. Peace

Lee said...

Now that is a very difficult question, particularly when I have lost all of what was my small family unit...I'd want to talk to the three of Nana, my mother and my brother.

Changes in the wind said...

Jesus, he can answer all my questions.

Lady Di Tn said...

You were not given a party line. You have to pick one person. I am still on the fence. Peace

I guess I was not clear with my question as it is to be someone you have personally lost, family, friends etc.
Jesus has his own wireless connection and I do a lot of it. Prayer. Sorry I was not clear, Prince indicates I do that quite a bit. Peace